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April 2014  

Case Study: From Idea Management to Marketing at Procter & Gamble

Project management in a large business with MindManager

Dr Jungnickel, Project and IP Manager for Oral-B at Procter & Gamble, organises complex ideas and patent management using MindManager for project management. Read this new case study to find out how, through the use of MindManager, redundancies could be eliminated and efficiency could be significantly boosted.
“MindManager is the ideal software when it comes to integrating creativity and project management into a single interface, and ensures an excellent visual representation of the required information at any time.”
Dr. Jungnickel, Project and IP Manager, Oral-B

Kickstart Innovation and Creativity Using the 5 Senses

Research out of the University of Washington suggests that creativity may be on the decline. But don’t get discouraged just yet — studies show that actively tapping into our 5 senses gets our brain synapses firing.
Here’s how to tap into your creative potential and drive innovation with the power of sight, smell, touch, sound, and even taste.
Read more here.

Biggerplate Mind Mapping Annual Report: use-cases and practices

Global mind mapping community, Biggerplate, has conducted research into the mind mapping landscape to understand more about the practice of mind mapping and its uses today.
The research, which included input from people in 68 countries around the world, included investigation into the top 3 uses of mind mapping in business – found to be planning, brainstorming and presenting, and discovered that mind maps are being used on a daily basis by 33 % of respondents.
In addition, the research concluded that MindManager is the favourite choice of mind mapping software, so we’d like to thank Biggerplate members for their trust in our software and their commitment!
You can discover other results and key figures by downloading the infographic below.
Download infographic.
April Webinar
Mind Mapping for Entrepreneurs with Liam Hughes
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