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July 2015
Hi John,
Information management, and the ability to share the knowledge gleaned from that information, is pivotal to our day-to-day work. Most of us spend a large portion of our working time doing this. In fact, according to some studies almost 40% of our time is spent on generating, processing and sharing knowledge and information, as well as searching for it.
So, what is the most effective way of working with information and sharing knowledge? And what should companies take into consideration when doing so?
This Whitepaper looks at the current challenges companies and employees are facing, and demonstrates proven ways of managing information and sharing knowledge, whilst highlighting the advantages of MindManager.
Download the Whitepaper now!
Best regards,
The Mindjet Team
Case Study: Successful Knowledge Management at Oost NV - East Netherlands Development Agency

Oost NV was facing an internal challenge of being able to effectively manage their knowledge and information, such as the contacts in the different businesses, relocations and project plans. MindManager enabled Oost NV to organise and structure this knowledge in a way that would make day-to-day business more efficient and facilitate collaboration between all stakeholders.
Download the case study here to find out more about how MindManager helped Oost NV to improve their productivity.

Procurement with MindManager – the ace up your sleeve

No matter whether you’re involved in strategic or operational procurement processes – the role of the procurement department in general turns more and more into a core corporate function.
It is not only about negotiation and purchasing decisions, but rather about managing large numbers of suppliers and internal stakeholders through various negotiations, renewals and management processes to a final transaction. Keeping track of all these tasks can present a big challenge.
This recorded webinar shows how MindManager can support you and your team to performing purchasing-based tasks – have a look!

Quick start – Quicker success

MindManager works like a virtual whiteboard, and its flexibility encourages more creative thinking. It facilitates meetings, helps you track and manage your workload and capture and pass on knowledge. This QuickStart Guide will fully equip you to get started with MindManager –improvements in your daily work and success in your project execution are sure to come!
Download the QuickStart Guide here.


Attend one of our live webcasts to hear about our latest case studies, best practices and get insight from our guest experts. Register now for our webinar in July:
Company Asset "Knowledge and Information" Part 2 - Technical Documentation

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