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Mindjet for Individuals
the launch of Mindjet’s consolidated offering in September, which includes the latest versions of our desktop apps for Windows and Mac (formerly known as MindManager), we are excited to announce Mindjet for Individuals. Mindjet for Individuals is designed specifically to suit the needs of single professional users who want the best in information mapping. This new offering combines the power and flexibility of our award-winning MindManager desktop and mobile applications, with personal file storage and task management.
Mindjet Tasks
age of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is here:  Nine out of 10 workers carry a smart phone at work, and 80 percent continue to work after leaving the office. Increasingly, these team-centric workers have been accessing mobile devices to check in on projects and email, whether they are in meetings or on the road. Yet, effective team communications and project management have been missing.
iTunes Store
With more teams working virtually, increased coordination and real-time updates are critical to keep activities on track − whether it’s managing marketing campaigns, recruiting new hires or planning project launches. Mindjet Tasks empowers the distributed workforce with a mobile hub to manage projects, tasks and teams in an easy-to-use and intuitive interface. With Mindjet, mobile teams can now innovate and execute on their best ideas, together, from their smartphones.
Connecting the dots behind work inspired
Work is no longer bounded by proximity or time zone, by skillset or device. The way to fuel growth is to remove the shackles of old methods and tools, and find a new approach to getting things done. A more dynamic, agile and connected approach.
And as we’ve recently announced, Mindjet is evolving to meet the needs of today’s workforce.
The Connected Workplace: Moving Forward
As mentioned throughout this series, technological developments over the last few years have provided the workplace with unprecedented connectivity. To drive the point home, if we weren’t so connected why would so many of us feel the need “to unplug” or “get off the grid”? Problem is a connected workplace doesn’t necessarily equal a collaborative workplace.
Think of it this way: having an electrical outlet doesn’t run the blender, which in turn doesn’t always make the perfect smoothie. Somebody’s still needs to bring all the ingredients together, flip the switch and pour it into a glass.
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