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A round up of the most popular stories this week from The Scotsman
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2 Sep, 2018

Top stories of the week

A round up of the most popular news stories this week.

Jacob Rees-Mogg: Scotland should be allowed to hold second independence referendum

Jacob Rees-Mogg has said Scotland should be allowed to hold a second referendum on independence – but not for around 20 years.

Alex Salmond accused of ‘abusing his power’ by crowdfunding for legal fees

Opposition parties have attacked Alex Salmond’s fundraising campaign after he asked supporters to help raise costs to pay for his court case against the Scottish Government.

John McLellan: Alex Salmond’s reputation is already in tatters

Ex-First Minister Alex Salmond’s RT show and decision to crowdfund legal challenge speak volumes about him, writes John McLellan.

Early age drinking in spotlight

As a major international conference is taking shape, we consider how a global perspective can find ways to tackle issues around alcohol

Promoted by Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems (SHAAP)

Richard Leonard: Mediocre SNP too timid to stand up to Tory austerity

The devolved Parliament was supposed to find Scottish solutions to Scottish problems, but too often it has done little more than tinker at the edges of the big issues, writes Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard.

Nicola Sturgeon warns SNP cannot have one rule for Alex Salmond

Nicola Sturgeon has warned Scottish nationalists there is not “one rule for the powerful and another rule for everyone else” as the SNP grapples with Alex Salmond’s sexual misconduct case.

Alex Salmond closes crowdfunder as it tops £100,000

Alex Salmond has closed his controversial crowd-funding campaign after it raised more than £100,000.

Archeologists uncover 12th century treasure trove at Holyroodhouse

The entire skeleton of a horse is among a hoard of historical items unearthed by archaeologists in the grounds of the Palace of Holyroodhouse in the past year.

Alex Salmond: Is the ex First Minister as wealthy as critics say?

It’s unlikely that a politician with the instincts of Alex Salmond would have failed to anticipate the uproar caused by his announcement he was launching a crowdfunder to support a legal challenge relating to allegations of sexual misconduct levelled at him.

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