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A round up of the most popular stories this week from The Scotsman
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9 Sep, 2018

Top stories of the week

A round up of the most popular news stories this week.

New smacking ban legislation for Scotland: Everything you need to know

Scotland is set to become the first country in the UK to ban parents from smacking their children under new laws unveiled today.

Nicola Sturgeon opens windfarm Donald Trump branded ‘vandalism’

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said she hoped Donald Trump would “change his mind” over the offshore windfarm visible from his North East golf course given the benefits now being generated by the green energy development.

British sailors on HMS Queen Elizabeth arrested in first overseas trip

Sailors from the Royal Navy’s HMS Queen Elizabeth have been arrested on the £3bn aircraft carrier’s first journey to the US.

Early age drinking in spotlight

As a major international conference is taking shape, we consider how a global perspective can find ways to tackle issues around alcohol

Promoted by Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems (SHAAP)

David Mundell: Alex Salmond should quit RT show as a service to Scotland

Alex Salmond should quit his TV show on Russian-state funded broadcaster RT as a "great service to Scotland", according to  Scottish Secretary David Mundell.

Smacking to be outlawed in Scotland as ban is backed

Scots parents will face jail for smacking their children under new laws being unveiled at Holyrood today.

Nicola Sturgeon hints at defying parliament on P1 tests

Nicola Sturgeon has signalled that the Scottish Government would push ahead with controversial testing for primary one pupils even if Holyrood votes against it.

Brian Wilson: SNP mock devolution’s aim of stopping Thatcherite cuts

The Scottish Parliament was born from a desire to prevent Thatcherism and the kind of cuts to services that are being imposed by the SNP today, writes Brian Wilson.

Tourists travelling to Dubai warned over drinking alcohol on flight

Travellers heading to Dubai or Abu Dhabi have been warned they could face arrest if they consume alcoholic drinks on the flight to the Middle East.

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