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A round up of the most popular stories this week from The Scotsman
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16 Sep, 2018

Top stories of the week

A round up of the most popular news stories this week.

Video: Incredible Hurricane Florence weather report goes viral

It is probably the most terrifyingly accurate weather report you’re ever likely to see.

SNP activists to hold ‘day of action’ on independence referendum

The SNP is to hold a national “day of action” on Scottish independence later this month, taking the temperature of the nation as it continues its preparations for a second referendum.

Police escalate probe into Alex Salmond sexual harassment claims

Police Scotland confirmed on Friday that they had escalated their investigation into two complaints of sexual harassment against Alex Salmond into a full-blown inquiry.

Early age drinking in spotlight

As a major international conference is taking shape, we consider how a global perspective can find ways to tackle issues around alcohol

Promoted by Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems (SHAAP)

Crew watch in horror as Ryanair jet’s wheel snaps off during take-off

The crew of a jumbo jet watched in horror as the wheel of a Ryanair plane snapped and detached itself as the Boeing aircraft took off at 150mph.

Richard Leonard: This is how we can fix Scotland’s broken economy

A Scottish economics education, five years working as an economist, followed by 20 years representing working people at the point of production in Scottish industry has afforded me a rare insight into the relationship between economic theory and practice.

Boy seriously hurt after YouTube ‘roundabout of death’ stunt

a An 11-year-old boy has been left seriously ill with an horrific injury only seen in fighter pilots after being forced to recreate a YouTube stunt known as the ‘Roundabout of Death.’

Jo Swinson becomes first MP to bring a baby to a Commons debate

A former minister cradled her baby on Parliament’s famous green benches - in what is thought to be a first during a Commons debate.

Ex-SNP MP Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh facing misconduct tribunal

Former SNP MP Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh will face a solicitor’s misconduct tribunal in the New Year, it has been reported.

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