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Plus: Benedict Cumbermusk, Death Metal Parrots, and Software That Recognizes Your Emotions!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Sith-mas…

…or at least it was for one redditor, who got his Stormtrooper action figures to decorate a Christmas tree. Now all he needs are some X-mas X-wings, freshly baked gingerbread Wookiees, and a one-force open sleigh.

Of course, the holiday spirit extended far beyond the Galactic Empire.

User Matmospheric was busy gearing up for Hanukkah, while user zannrael tricked her nieces and nephews by wrapping their presents to look like groceries.

Redditor BesottedScot created a campaign to send Christmas cards to a lonely boy on a remote Scottish island, whose only friends were ducks (aww). Luckily, the community rallied to the rescue, with hundreds of redditors offering to mail him cards from all over the world.

Want to get an early start on your holiday shopping? Everything in the Reddit store is 50% off (for a super limited time only)!

Still waiting to see something in the mail with your name on it? Here’s the best of Reddit, curated with love, just for you.

Alexis Ohanian, Co-founder
  MILDLYINTERESTING Why This Hostel Preserved the Last McDonald’s Burger Sold in Iceland submitted by shaanxiprovince

This is the story of the never-ending cheeseburger.

  ENTREPRENEUR New ‘Formative’ Episode Highlights Cutting-Edge Software That Recognizes Your Emotions

As the Chief Science Officer of Affectiva, Rana el Kaliouby is leading the charge to bring emotional intelligence to modern technology, currently being used by thousands of developers to create new programs in countless industries—from healthcare to market research. In the latest episode of Formative, she shares the story of how she traveled from Egypt to MIT’s Media Lab and ended up working on a Google Glass project for individuals with autism.

  ASKSCIENCE Is an Elevator to Space a Real Possibility? Ask These Guys.

The idea of a space elevator might sound like it was ripped from the pages of a 1950s sci-fi novel, but these four men behind a documentary on the concept want to be on the ground floor of inventing the first elevator to the stars.

  CUMBERBITCHES Who Doesn’t Love the Smell of Cumbermusk in the Morning? submitted by VitalCapacity

Over the weekend, Benedict Cumberbatch appeared on The Graham Norton Show—but instead of asking the typical talk-show questions about the actor’s upcoming projects, Norton surprised the Sherlock star by reading a creepily detailed account of how one of his Reddit fans “really tried” to smell his “Cumbermusk.” Watch him cringe-laugh through the whole review here.

  IAMA Porn Actress Asa Akira Discusses the James Deen Rape Allegations in a Recent AMA submitted by AsaAkira1 (Photo: @MyAsaAkira/Twitter)

Asa Akira, porn star and author, talks about her life on and offscreen in an AMA—writing, “I’m very f*cking conflicted.”

  SANDERSFORPRESIDENT LED Signs to Support Bernie Sanders: How a Ben & Jerry’s Co-Founder and a Redditor Came to Work Together submitted by Vermonty_Python (Photo: Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons)

Aidan King, also known as Reddit user Vermonty_Python, is the leader of the largest pro-Bernie organization in the world right now. Now, he’s working with Jerry Greenfield (of Ben & Jerry’s fame). Does this mean a #FeelTheBern ice cream is in the works?

  ADOPTION Seven Adopted Siblings Meet As Adults and Create the Childhood Memories They Never Had submitted by Averne

Adopted as an infant, Reddit user Averne was raised as an only child and never got to experience the joys and struggles of growing up with siblings. It was only later in life that she found her six full-blooded brothers and sisters and decided to create the childhood memories they never got to experience together as kids. Good thing it’s never too late for pillow fights, tickle-fests, and cramming in a bunk bed.

  TODAYILEARNED What’s a Tetrachromat? Meet a Person Who Sees 100 Million Colors submitted by griswaffle

One California artist has four cone cells in her eyes, which gives her the seemingly superhuman power… of kaleidoscopic vision.

  TODAYILEARNED Death Metal Band Hatebeak Features Parrot As Lead Singer submitted by tintuff

Face it: Waldo the parrot is more metal than you will ever be. After all, he’s the lead singer (okay, screecher) in his own death metal band, aptly called Hatebeak. User tintuff shared the story of this bird band, which you have to hear to really appreciate.

  SCIENCE Study Finds That Eating Garlic Makes Men Smell More Attractive to Women submitted by dustofoblivion123

If you think “garlic breath” is an insult, think again. Researchers in the Czech Republic have found that—at least for men—garlic can actually make you smell better. More garlic bread, please!

  UPVOTED Bizarre Beast of the Week: The Saiga Antelope submitted by UnidanX

While everything else about this antelope seems pretty normal, what puts these guys in the “bizarre” category is pretty obvious: the hooves. Just kidding—it’s the nose. It’s obviously the nose. But don’t you want to know what it’s for?

  TODAYILEARNED Are Military Dogs Ranked Higher Than Their Human Handlers? submitted by sibewolf

This cute, dog-loving custom in the US military is responsible for canine soldiers with titles like “Sergeant Stubby.” Maybe one day human soldiers will report to General Scruffles

  SCIENCE Do Males and Females Have Different Brains? submitted by Bossman1086

According to a new study shared by user Bossman1086 in Reddit’s Science community and published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, mosthuman brains are not usually uniquely male or uniquely female.


You remember the Superbowl Shuffle? Well, this painfully awkward 1980s ad from the Southern Food Brokerage Corporation (filled with dance-rappin’ grocery store workers) makes that song sound like a Mozart symphony.

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