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Investment Alert

Editor’s note: Occasionally, we come across ideas that we simply have to forward to you. This one comes courtesy of our friends at Fat Tail Media.

Dear Reader,

The gold sector was among the standout performers of the year just gone.

What will 2021 likely entail for the gold market, and related stocks?

And how can you potentially profit from it?

I’ve asked our gold expert Shae Russell to lay out her latest thinking for you.

I’d encourage you to read every single word of it.

As you’ll see, Shae is predicting a major opportunity for gold investors — perhaps the biggest for generations — but only if you truly understand what’s going on right now.

I’ll let Shae explain herself.

And I’ll let her tell you about the stocks she’s recommending smart gold speculators buy right away to capitalise on what’s going on.

Over to Shae, right here.

Best regards,


James Woodburn,
Group Publisher