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Plus: Hallucinogenic Honey, the History of Text-Message Keyboards, and Cats vs. Cucumbers!

Great Scott! There was a lot of amazing internet this week!

Reddit’s Magic: The Gathering community helped Tom Grayson recover $60,000 of Magic cards he lost at Comic Con. User Jnut731 posted an album of hilarious hotel requests, which the hotels actually fulfilled. And Stephen Colbert (u/StephenAtHome) featured redditors’ life hacks on his show—and even created a few of his own.

We unveiled a ton of original content this week. Chiefly, we launched Formative, a new series by Reddit and Google, and we need your help choosing the 8 entrepreneurs we’re going to profile. Subscribe to r/entrepreneur and help us make something awesome together. Our friends at Sandwich Video showed off a hilarious new ’80s-themed series called Computer Show, including (shameless plug) an episode about Reddit. And our latest in the video series AMA dropped, featuring Soledad O’Brien, who talked about everything from the future of journalism to Pizza Rat.

Meanwhile, the editorial team at Upvoted was hard at work creating amazing content like:

redditors’ scariest moments living in isolation
bootleg Chinese Star Wars comic from 1980
the science of space farts
Q&A with WWE superstar Cesaro
Malcolm Gladwell discussing the spread of school shootings
• and more awesome illustrated Reddit comments from Shitty_Watercolour, who even visited the office and doodled on our walls. Swoon.

We’re just 10 days into Upvoted.com and we’ve already reached 700,000 unique visitors (!!!). (∩╹□╹∩)

This is nothing short of amazing and it’s because of readers like you enjoying our content and sharing the best of Reddit with the world.

Alexis Ohanian, Co-founder
  UPVOTED Adam Savage Tests a Duck Bomb—And It’s Glorious
submitted by mistersavage

Inspired by the original “Duck Army” post on Reddit, Savage and his crew put together an even bigger, better duck bomb with 16 total Squawkie Talkie ducks. The best part? His reaction.

48 read more 13
  TODAYILEARNED In the ’80s, We Almost Had a Real-Life ‘Planet of the Apes’ submitted by lord_of_the_bees (PHOTO: Dibble86)

In 1987, a 230-pound orangutan named Ken Allen cleverly escaped from his cage at the San Diego Zoo. In fact, Ken outwitted the zookeepers so many times, he earned the nickname “Hairy Houdini.” Find out what he did with his freedom and how he inspired other animals to escape.

1127 read more 6126
  EXPLAINLIKEIMFIVE Why Can We Text With Emojis, But Not Bold or Italics?
The traditional way texts are sent on cell phones is quite set in stone …  iguessthislldo

Ever wonder why you can text all the smileys and frownies you want, but CAN’T DO THIS? One redditor answered the question that’s been bugging us for years by giving the history behind our text message limitations.

1286 read more 4746
  REALLIFEDOODLES It’s A-Me, Mario Cat! Wahoo!

Here we go! This coin-snatching gif comes to you from the Real Life Doodles community, which is full of animated gifs featuring original drawings over real-life footage. (Like this poor head of cabbage getting attacked by puppies. And the even more terrifying sequel.)

13 read more 1401
  TODAYILEARNED Speaking of gifs*… It’s Peanut Butter Prank Call Time!
So then I just kind of thought, wouldn’t it be funny if I kept it going? So I did …  moby323

In response to a Today I Learned post about the 2002 death of “Peanut Butter Jelly Time” singer Jermaine Fuller, user moby323 decided to share a more lighthearted story about how he prank-called his local deli to sing “Peanut Butter Jelly Time” over and over again for eight years.

*The segue makes sense if you pronounce this correctly.

1966 read more 5716
  VIDEOS All About That Full Octave Below the Bass (No Tenor)
submitted by scordatura

You know how every choir has a soprano, alto, tenor, and bass? Well, there’s also “deeper bass”—and then there’s something called the “octavist,” who sings an entire octave below the bass. Wanna know what it sounds like when you get a whole quartet of ‘em together? Behold the superbass.

949 read more 5763
  ASKREDDIT What If You Removed Words Like “I,” “Me,” and “My” From Popular Song Lyrics… And Replaced Them With “Greg”?
What is love? Baby, don’t hurt Greg… Don’t hurt Greg… No more.  Ifyouseekey

When user CloverfieldOfDreams posed this absurd question, redditors responded with equally absurd and hilarious answers—rewriting classic songs to be, well, all about Greg.

Highlights include a hit song about Shaggy getting caught “Greg-handed,” a popular Alanis Morissette anthem, a very disturbing Rihanna song, a very confusing Ting Tings song, and an unforgettable slow jam by Lionel Richie.

Greg’s just too good to be true. Can’t take Greg’s eyes off of Greg…

11189 read more 4301
  CUCUMBERSSCARINGCATS Cucumbers Scaring Cats? Of Course That’s a Thing.
submitted by Illum503

The Cucumbers Scaring Cats community celebrates the widely observed phenomenon of—wait for it—cucumbers scaring cats. We don’t understand why, but after seeing this kitty’s reaction (oh, and this flying feline, too), we accept it.

5 read more 348

Ever wonder how bees get buzzed? Turns out there’s a hallucinogenic honey in Turkey and Nepal that people literally go crazy for.

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