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Thursday, December 17, 2015 It's time for our annual end-of-year package of Predictions for Journalism in 2016. For the rest of the week, you'll see these predictions, from a wide variety of smart people in the media business, along with our usual stories. Head to our site to see them all. —Ed.

The year we deal with the comments

“It’s time to start bringing in feedback, context, and community to our sites.” By Elite Truong.

Come on, feel something

“Is your newsroom ready? Do you know how to deal with emotion, or do you lock it away with the promise of a drink and a few morbid jokes later?” By P. Kim Bui.

The year of reckoning

“Technology is a larger and better-capitalized challenger. Coming to the table as equals to negotiate a fair split requires more resources, audience, and assets than many publishers currently have.” By Erin Pettigrew.

Mobile journalism goes virtual

“Telling complex news stories requires all hands on deck, and immersing the reader or viewer in a scene is key.” By Allissa Richardson.

Racism by numbers

“Data is a dispassionate way to dismiss notions of a post-racial society or ugly stereotypes about poverty and crime.” By Errin Whack.

The botification of news

“If I ask my AI personal assistant, ‘What’s the most important news story of today?’ how will it determine what that is for me, and where will it go looking to deliver me the story?” By Trushar Barot.

When the media melted into the air

“The top-down news infrastructure of the previous century has not been replaced by a grassroots, bottom-up alternative. What has emerged instead is a matrix that combines the concentration of ownership and attention of the legacy media system with the distribution of communication flows of daily life.” By Pablo Boczkowski.

Journalism will find strength in systems

“The future will be about rethinking the systems of journalism so that they build on interlocking strengths.” By Tom Glaisyer.

The year of the loyal reader

“The old way of thinking about experiences by device (e.g., desktop, tablet, phone, paper) has given way to thinking about experiences by type of user.” By Dan Check.

Podcasting fights the hype

“2016 is going to be the year when the professionalizing podcast industry finds out if it’s able to earn its place in the media big leagues.” By Nicholas Quah.

Crain, known for its business weeklies, is diving into newsletters based on who and where readers are

Crain’s new city-based newsletters are shaped to individual readers’ preferences. By Shan Wang.

Pants, burning

“Candidates will ignore a lot of the truth-squadding — except when they can use it to attack their opponents. (Politicians hate fact-checking, except when they love it!)” By Bill Adair.

A shift to quality

“Many, not all, of these digital publishers rely on an endless stream of unsubstantial viral debris, a model that is beginning to falter, and their valuations will begin their reversion to the mean.” By M. Scott Havens.

“Spotlight” shows the power of true teamwork

“Like The Avengers, but with FOIAgirl and Spreadsheetman.” By Marie Gilot.

The year we start to talk about “the business side”

“As an industry, we have done very little to identify, pipeline, and train the publishing talent that will be responsible for securing the financial future of news.” By Amanda Hale.

Print is dead, but print’s skills aren’t

“Trimming copy, optimizing graphics for smaller space, curating the day’s best content, and understanding the best typography to tell a story are as valuable when laying out print as when putting together a Snapchat Discover edition or tweet.” By Carla Zanoni.

Big data triggers predictive journalism

“By using available data, journalists will be able to orchestrate predictions and write tomorrow’s headlines and stories accordingly.” By H.O. Maycotte.

The five Es of journalism in 2016

“Experimentation is becoming far more than just an add-on: It is emerging as a prerequisite for survival at a time of flux and uncertainty.” By Alfred Hermida.

A year of bold risk-taking

“The bigger a company becomes, the more its culture becomes risk averse. There is often a heavy price to pay in terms of creativity and experimentation. But caution is also a risk.” By Edward Roussel.

The year content claps back

“Journalistic standards and practice are being pushed more into the open. Everything from freedom of the press to representation in media is on the table.” By Sydette Harry.

Avoiding the trap of shadow narratives

“When we elevate immediate reactions to the same level as more measured narratives, we spring a trap on ourselves and our readers.” By Tiff Fehr.

Designing our way out

“In 2016, design will be a tool for journalists to scope out a widened role in our new digital media landscape.” By Moiz Syed.

Wicked targeted beats

“We see more newsrooms headed this way — picking their spots, investing more resources in coverage of just a few big issues where deep reporting can move the needle.” By Keith Hammonds.
Frontline is diving deeper into VR with $580,000 from the Knight Foundation What We’re ReadingTechCrunch / Ingrid LundenFlipboard overhauls publisher pages with verified badges, related links, and ad tech →“Regardless of how it gets there, Flipboard has a pretty clear mandate right now: grow, grow, grow. The company raised $50 million earlier this year but at a flat valuation compared to its previous round.”Northwestern / Julie DeardorffNorthwestern is opening a San Francisco space to host residencies and events →Its Medill school is partnering with its McCormick School of Engineering and Applied sciences. The new space will be used for quarterlong residencies, short immersion experiences and events for alumni and collaborators working at the intersection of journalism and technology.PressGazette / Dominic PonsfordThe BBC continues to dominate local and national news markets in the UK →When it comes to accessing local news, 33 per cent of respondents said they used BBC TV versus 21 per cent who said printed local newspapers, according to Ofcom’s annual report on media consumption.CNN / Brian StelterThe Adelson family confirms ownership of the Las Vegas Review-Journal →They’d always intended to announce the purchase, the family statement said. Why the delay, then? “[W]e did not want an announcement to distract from the important role Nevada continues to play in the presidential election.”Spiegel Online / Holger StarkIs Michael Bloomberg’s return bad for Bloomberg? →“Mike Bloomberg is prepared to sacrifice everything for the success of his Terminals, even journalistic ambitions,” says one former high-ranking executive.Advertising Age / Jeremy BarrVice magazine will relaunch in March with expanded coverage, including from writers working on its digital channels →The retooled magazine will see “a big increase in cultural coverage as well as new voices and columnists examining sex, finance, and much more.”Columbia Journalism Review / Anna ClarkHow a small team in Wisconsin delivers investigative reporting to 10 Gannett papers →Gannett’s I-team’s members “make up the only statewide investigation unit in the company’s portfolio.” From Fuego How Theranos Misled Me —fo​rtune.c​om
Pharma CEO Martin Shkreli Arrested on Charges of Securities Fraud —ww​w.bloomberg.c​om
New York Times reviewing reporting on San Bernardino assailants —ww​w.washingtonpost.c​om
We Blew $17 Billion in Afghanistan. How Would You Have Spent It? —pr​ojects.propublica.o​rg
A Secret Catalogue of Government Gear for Spying on Your Cellphone —th​eintercept.c​om
Fuego is our heat-seeking Twitter bot, tracking the stories the future-of-journalism crowd is talking about most. Usually those are about journalism and technology, although sometimes they get distracted by politics, sports, or GIFs. (No humans were involved in this listing, and linking is not endorsing.) Check out Fuego on the web to get up-to-the-minute news.

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