This Bodily Caretaking, Along With the Tools Used for It

2 years ago

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*** Real Future Fair on November 15 in Oakland. What other event would bring together Zardulu, SammusMitch Kapor, and Malkia CyrilGet you some tickets.***

1. I choose to think of this as how neural nets dream.

"We capitalize on large amounts of unlabeled video in order to learn a model of scene dynamics for both video recognition tasks (e.g. action classification) and video generation tasks (e.g. future prediction). We propose a generative adversarial network for video with a spatio-temporal convolutional architecture that untangles the scene's foreground from the background. Experiments suggest this model can generate tiny videos up to a second at full frame rate better than simple baselines, and we show its utility at predicting plausible futures of static images."

* But seriously: just click through and look at the examples of neural net-generated GIFs.

2. Yeah, it is.

"'At the end of the day, I have 2.5 million YouTube followers because of Vine, I have 2 million Instagram followers because of Vine and I'm making all my money and getting auditions because of Vine. So for me to sit here and say 'fuck Vine,' I just can't," said Hanna, adding that these days she spends most of her time on YouTube and Instagram. 'There ain't a Vine star out there who isn't a millionaire,' said Vine star Alx James by phone. 'We'll be fine, but it's sad the way things worked out.'"

3. CSI aside, maybe the idea of the "crime lab" needs to be reconsidered.

"A review of her personnel records by The Dispatch shows that colleagues and supervisors raised questions about Yezzo time and again while she tested evidence and testified in an uncounted number of murder, rape and other criminal cases in the state. Their concerns included that she presented evidence in the best light for prosecutors instead of objectively, used suspect methods while examining trace evidence from some crime scenes, and made mistakes that, as one former attorney general put it, 'could lead to a substantial miscarriage of justice.'"

4. A fascinating Q&A about the history of the medicine cabinet, "one of the home's most particularized containers."

"As I began to look into the history of the 
cabinet as a container, I discovered that it developed very much in parallel with these kinds of technologies. In fact, collecting these technologies together in the same cabinet helped to create the idea that these domestic technologies were something of a 'kind,' emphasizing that both beauty work and medical care were crucial parts of literally embodying middle-class virtue in the home. And somewhat predictably, this bodily caretaking, along with the tools used for it, came to be coded as within the realm of women.

5. Cheers to the weird utopians.

"That may be true, but it sounds almost laughable when you start to learn about the project. Spread across a 130-by-40-foot vessel built from repurposed shipping containers (and pulled by tugboat), 'Swale' looks familiar and simple enough, like a well-landscaped community garden in which the mulch or grass between plots has been replaced with gravel. But as Mattingly explained, there are three sophisticated systems at work: a solar one, in which five solar panels and 12 marine-grade batteries power everything from a water pump to lights and electronics; a water system, which involves the collection and cleaning of river water, as well as some storage and use of rainwater; and the food system, which means not only the plants themselves — dozens of them, from brussels sprouts to blueberries and wild ginger to oregano — but also sensors that monitor the soil. Those sensors, along with the small architectural structure aboard 'Swale,' were installed by the collaborative group Biome Arts, whose members turn the collected data into visualizations that are projected onto the garden at night."

On Fusion: A remarkable story about a Cold War nuclear defense relic that has become a flashpoint between a Hutterite and a county in North Dakota.

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This Bodily Caretaking, Along With the Tools Used for It

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