This "Hurricane" Is No Storm - Instead It Yields the Serenity of a Ripe Old Age

3 years ago

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Oct 30, 2015
Issue 3359
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This "Hurricane" Is No Storm - Instead It Yields the Serenity of a Ripe Old Age

Despite its stormy sound, it's an important part of a way to shed flab, build muscle, increase bone mass, help you develop a deep sense of self-mastery, and a somewhat sweaty, altogether smiley future. And it's a great fit, no matter what your current age is.

Does a New Study Really Debunk Dangers of Prolonged Sitting?

Amidst a sea of research linking excessive sitting to obesity and chronic disease is a new study that found too much sitting may not be so bad after all. Is it true that the health risks of sitting may be overrated?

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Use This Highly Beneficial Salt for Cooking or Bathing

This salt from the Himalayas is known as "white gold." Known as the purest salt available on earth, it's uncontaminated with toxins and pollutants, and is perfect for cooking or even bathing...

Eating This Way May Help Increase Your Energy and Improve Your Health*

My book, Healthy Recipes for Your Nutritional Type, can help get you on the right path to a healthy diet. This 300-page companion book to Take Control of Your Health is a storehouse of 150 delicious and exciting recipes designed specifically for YOUR Nutritional Type™...

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FDA Reverses Its Position on Daily Aspirin Use

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The FDA reverses its position on taking daily aspirin if you haven't had a heart attack, revealing that the health risks outweigh the benefits.

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