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Dear John, 

I made you this offer on Wednesday and I was overwhelmed by the response.  I've added more seats to the venue to accommodate the demand.

But nothing lasts forever so if you want to attend this event at the discounted investment (or for the purchase of a few books) click the corresponding link below. 

I'm ending this offer on Monday. 

Attend for a ridiculously low investment of $650:  Click Here   OR

Attend as my guest after purchasing 20 copies of The 60 Second Sale: Click Here

I'm going to end this offer ON MONDAY and I'm going to RAISE THE INVESTMENT.


If you're wondering what you will get for your $650 (or for purchasing 20 books) here is some detail:

I'm providing breakfast and lunch.  Just watching me eat is worth $650.

I'm also going to cover the 25 actionable items I detail in new book: The 60 Second Sale.  The 25 things you'll discover are:

25 Actionable Items from The 60 Second Sale

1). Three guidelines for connecting with people in 60 seconds - Chapter 1
2). Script for starting a relationship-based sales conversation - Chapter 2
3). Relationship Report Card: A forecasting tool to predict your financial future - Chapter 2
4). Memory jogger with seven categories of people who can expand your natural network - Chapter 2
5). Email, direct mail, telephone and voice mail scripts to initiate contact with people with whom you've lost touch - Chapter 3
6). Template for content calendar to be used for email and print newsletters as well as website content - Chapter 3
7). Interview questions to help you identify your ideal client, ideal message, and ideal way to deliver that message - Chapter 4
8). Seven-step guide to creating an engagement device called a "Honeypot" designed to get people to reach out to you to start a relationship - Chapter 5
9). Eleven-step process for attracting new clients through public speaking - Chapter 6
10). Five-step guide to creating articles that will help you connect with new clients through publishing - Chapter 7
11). Four types of content you must have on your website and how to use them - Chapter 8
12). Five formulas for great advertising headlines and great email subject lines - Chapter 10
13). Six steps for writing an advertisement that motivates people to call you - Chapter 10
14). Five types of testimonials and how to get them from your clients' every time you ask - Chapter 10
15). Script for starting a conversation at a networking event - Chapter 11 
16). Five-step process for follow-up after an introduction at a networking event - Chapter 11
17). Script for an email introduction between two of your contacts - Chapter 11
18). Guide to selecting appropriate networking groups - Chapter 11
19). Five steps to making networking groups more productive - Chapter 11
20). The step-by-step process for qualifying new clients and making sure they can pay - Chapter 12
21). The qualifying script that will change your business forever - Chapter 12 
22). The five things that you must include in an orientation packet to pre-sell your client - Chapter 12
23). Three ways to communicate the value you provide to your client - Chapter 13
24). Two sample proposal templates offering options to insure you get a "yes" every time - Chapter 13  
25). A checklist for starting an action-oriented sales program today - Chapter 14
What is this worth to you?  Well, if you implement just one of them, THOUSANDS of dollars in revenue.

Wouldn't you like to make more money in the 4th Quarter of 2018 than you made in the 9 previous months?  

Let me help you do that. Pick one of the links below and click it.  

You can:

Attend for a ridiculously low investment of $650:  Click Here   OR

Attend as my guest after purchasing 20 copies of The 60 Second Sale: Click Here

This meeting focuses on relationship-based business development. There is no talk about cold calling, search engine gaming, or bus bench advertising.

At the event on September 14, 2018, you'll discover new ways to connect with clients and referral sources, have breakfast and lunch with me, and meet a group of attorneys who are dedicated to running their law firm like business.

This is the least expensive workshop I've hosted in 2018.  In fact, it is the cheapest workshop I've hosted in a couple of years. 

I'm going to end this offer ON MONDAY and I'm going to RAISE THE INVESTMENT.

That's why I'm asking you, again, to join me.  You don't want to miss this. The information I'm sharing is from my new book and it has never been shared with an audience.

You have a chance to be a pioneer and you've got nothing to lose.

Our time together in September is designed to give you 25 ways to develop new relationships. This is information you can use immediately after you walk out of the room. 
September 14, 2018 
Miami Airport Marriott
7:30AM - 5:00PM
Breakfast and Lunch Included

Attend for a ridiculously low investment of $650:  Click Here   OR

Attend as my guest after purchasing 20 copies of The 60 Second Sale: Click Here

Your satisfaction is GUARANTEED. If you show up on time and you are not satisfied with the information you’ve received by lunch, simply tell me and I will refund your investment. 
This will sell out.


Dave Lorenzo


I value and appreciate the relationship we have.

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