This Mineral Helps Boost Weight Loss

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Research shows that eating three servings of low-fat, calcium-rich dairy a day can help you lose weight.

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December 01, 2017

This Mineral Helps Boost Weight Loss

Research shows that eating three servings of low-fat, calcium-rich dairy a day can help you lose weight.

5 Benefits of Interval Training

Looking to eliminate boredom, burn more calories, and add some intensity to your workout? Interval training may be the way to go.

Portobello 'Philly Cheesesteak' Sandwich

The secret here is that this recipe is actually vegetarian-friendly — delicious Portobello mushrooms, which are sauteed with onions, red bell peppers, and loads of seasonings then smothered in hot, melty (but reduced-fat) provolone cheese.

Eating Carbs and Fats Before a Workout? Read This

If you're loading up on avocado toast and peanut butter before your workout, you might actually be hindering your performance instead of enhancing it.


20+ Tips for Managing COPD

By making small changes to your diet and home, you can ease some of the symptoms of COPD and start feeling better.

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