This Was so Effective at Restoring Vision, Optometrists Had It Banned

3 years ago

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Nov 02, 2015
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This Was so Effective at Restoring Vision, Optometrists Had It Banned

It threatened the livelihood of eye doctors, they lobbied local politicians to ban it - and they won. But, this natural vision coach has made it available to anyone who wants to improve their vision without drugs or surgery. Get started right now for no cost...

Top Foods to Eat When You're Pregnant

What a woman eats while she's pregnant influences not only her baby's development in utero, but also the child's health later in life. Adding these top foods to your diet even before conception may give your child a healthy head start (and dads can benefit from eating them too).

Lignans Save Lives

Lignans are polyphenol plant compounds found in flaxseeds, sesame seeds, berries, and other foods. Accumulating research suggests they may play an important role in optimal health from fighting cancer to supporting heart health.

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These Knives Will Be Your New Favorite Kitchen Staple

Not only are these knives a handy culinary tool, but they won't leach dangerous heavy metals into your food. Lightweight but very strong, they have many advantages over traditional steel cutlery...

Give Your Skin Essential Daily Nutrients It Needs

Imagine this... a pure, mild, and rejuvenating cleanser that protects AND nourishes your skin. This refreshing organic cleanser has NO preservatives or harsh chemicals, so you can feel safe about what you're putting on your face.

Groundbreaking Documentary Helps Transform Eating Habits

This movie features interviews with best-selling health authors and leading medical experts, plus real life transformational stories with those who know what it's like to be sick and overweight. Learn from those who have been there before with this enlightening documentary...

Spotlight of the Week
What Happens to Your Body When You're Dehydrated

98K Page Views

Practically everyone is at risk for dehydration, that's why it's a must to know about the symptoms of dehydration and the ways to prevent it.

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