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Plus: Soviet Space Suits, a New Year's Adele Parody, and a Home-Fridge Keggerator!

Whether you were a naughty Elf on the Shelf or a model student at the University of Santa Claus, we hope you’ve been enjoying the last days of 2015—but it’s not over yet.

In fact, two of my favorite stories of redditors coming together this past year happened just this week.

The College Football community raised over $6,000 for the Twin Cities Toys For Tots. Ten redditors from the community—led by their brave moderator, user Honestly_—took 14 carts’ worth of toys to the warehouse. I’ve never seen so many giant teddy bears in one place.

Then, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger teamed up with Reddit user Courser to share an inspirational Christmas challenge with the Reddit community. Read the full story in their touching op-ed for Upvoted.

Of course, the good deeds don’t stop in December. Let’s make 2016 even better—but first, here’s the best of Reddit from the last full week of the year.

Alexis Ohanian, Co-founder
  FOOD This Color-Changing Cake is “The Dress” of the Baked Goods Universe submitted by Sippingin (Photo: CharlotteSometimes/YouTube)

Here’s a bakery item that will give you a sugar high—and make you think you’re high. Behold, the magical, marvelous color-changing cake!

  LADYBONERSGW “Why I Choose to Post My D*ck Pics Online” submitted by Straight-Eight

Meet Will—one of the most talked about exhibitionists in Reddit’s Ladyboners Gone Wild community. This week, he told Upvoted what he does for a living, what his girlfriend thinks, and why he posts his dick pics online.

  ASKREDDIT What’s Your Tinder Dating Horror Story? submitted by me_llamo_greg

This week, Reddit’s artist-in-residence Shitty_Watercolour illustrated redditors’ funniest, most cringeworthy Tinder horror stories—from awkward roommates to burritos in bed.

  CREEPY What Are Some Creepy Things You’ve Heard Kids Say? submitted by awoelt

Kids say the creepiest things, don’t they? Redditor awoelt asked the Creepy community for the strangest things they’ve heard children say—and the connoisseurs of creepiness delivered.

  IAMA What It’s Like to Retain Only Six Months Worth of Memories submitted by NoviceoftheWorld (Photo: iStockPhoto.com/DrAfter123)

Movies usually only depict the most extreme cases of memory loss. But in the real world, there’s a wide spectrum of conditions and cases, and they’re often misunderstood. In a recent AMA, a memory-loss patient talks about re-watching movies, trusting others, and taking lots of notes.

  NBA Basketball Fan With Cerebral Palsy Receives a Special Gift This Christmas submitted by phantomknight (Photo: Nike/YouTube)

When one redditor with cerebral palsy shared that he couldn’t afford a pair of Nike’s new laceless shoes designed especially for people with disabilities, another redditor stepped in—with a random act of Christmas kindness.

  IAMA One British Adventurer Saw Every Country—Without Ever Getting on a Plane submitted by EveryCountry (Photo: grahamdavidhughes/Instagram)

Graham Hughes was jailed in Africa (twice). He scaled the pyramids in Giza, swam with jellyfish in Palau, won a Caribbean island called Jinja on a gameshow, and braved the high seas (and high risk of Somali Pirates) to drink Takamaka rum in the Seychelles. In a recent AMA, Hughes shared what it’s like to visit every single country in the world—without the assist from air travel.

  SPACE See What Links Soviet Space Suit of the Past to NASA’s Suit of the Future submitted by Meunderwears

NASA recently unveiled its Z-2 prototype space suit, which one redditor noticed shares a design connection with a space suit from the Soviet Union’s past. Check out this illustrated guide to find out why the suit makes the moon man. Who knew space suits had back doors and hula hoops?

  GIFS Redditor Captures Stunning Gif of the International Space Station Flying In Front of the Moon submitted by _bar

When you see this breathtaking gif in action, there’s really only one thing to say: “Weeeeeeeeeee!!!!”

  IAMA Tommy Chong Talks Smoking With John Lennon, Snoop Dogg, and Moses in Reddit AMA submitted by SantaChong

Ever wonder who on Earth could out-smoke Tommy Chong? The actor and director—best known as half of comedic duo Cheech & Chong—answered redditors’ questions about sharing a cell with the “Wolf of Wall Street,” watching Thumbelina on acid, and jamming with Jimi Hendrix.

  WRITINGPROMPTS What’s the One Letter You’ve Always Wished You Could Write? submitted by Levitus01 (Photo: iStockPhoto.com/chuwy)

User Levitus01 asked people in the Writing Prompts community to write the letters they’ve always wanted to write, but for whatever reason, never did. In response, redditors penned truth-bombs to their ex-loves, shitty fathers, and future selves.

  DIY Convert Your Home Fridge Into a Keggerator submitted by clocke03

Going out on the weekends is fun, but what if you could bring the bar to your refrigerator? That’s what these five redditors are doing to make their kitchens a little more bitchin’.

  AWW “I’m Awake!” submitted by Isai76

This poor pug tried his best to catch a glimpse of Santa Claus on Christmas Eve—but he had a little trouble staying awake. Let’s hope he can keep his eyes open long enough to get a midnight kiss on New Year’s.


Struggling to think of New Year’s resolutions that you’ll actually keep? This Adele parody will help you cope with lowering your expectations in 2016.

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