Trump can come. But let him know Britai n won’t stand for his bigotry

9 months ago

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Trump can come. But let him know Britain won’t stand for his bigotry
Owen Jones
Make the royal baby a true people’s prince – send him to a comprehensive
Robert Verkaik
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Katy Balls
India’s abuse of women is the biggest human rights violation on Earth
Deepa Narayan
Pragmatists can’t defeat austerity. Labour needs radical local councillors
Beth Foster-Ogg
Windrush is only the latest UK immigration scandal: just ask the Chagossians
Benjamin Zephaniah
Bill Cosby's verdict is a rare moment of justice in a long, uphill battle
Jessica Valenti
What should be done with Facebook – break it up, or regulate it?
Damian Tambini
Islamophobia not an issue in the British press? You’ve got to be kidding
Miqdaad Versi
At this summit, North and South Korea took a real step towards peace
Mary Dejevsky
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The Guardian view on inter-Korean talks: progress – for now
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Steve Bell on Windrush immigration – cartoon
Amber Rudd has said she will scrap Home Office targets for removing people from Britain, hours after she was forced back to the House of Commons to admit her department had in fact set them
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