Trump Nominates Navy SEAL Commander for Interior Secretary

2 years ago

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American Sniper has come full circle... Hear from the mentor of SEALs Chris Kyle & Marcus Luttrell
Hear from the mentor of SEALs Chris Kyle & Marcus Luttrell.
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Hear from the mentor of SEALs Chris Kyle & Marcus Luttrell

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What started with American Sniper has come full circle with the story of Ryan “Z Man” Zinke, SEAL Team Commander and the US Representative for Montana.
In recent years, the world has learned just what is required to bravely serve America through its elite SEAL Teams. Now, for the first time hear from one of their commanders.
Written with the #1 New York Times bestselling coauthor of American Sniper, Scott McEwen, American Commander offers readers the hard-hitting, no-nonsense style the SEALs are known for.
Go behind the scenes and into the heart of America’s most-feared fighting force.

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“I am hopeful that by reading Ryan’s story of life within the SEALs and after, you gain a better understanding of the sacrifice and commitment of our veterans. We, all veterans, chose a path of service to our country, and that service many times includes injuries that far outdate the battles we were chosen to defend this country in. As a nation I truly hope we never forget this commitment.”
—Rob O'Neill
Navy SEAL who took down Osama bin Laden

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