Trump’s approval plunges

14 days ago

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President Donald Trump’s approval rating plunged 4 percentage points last week amid a wave of violence tied to religious, racial and political hatred. Eleven members of a synagogue, many elderly, were killed with an automatic weapon, allegedly by a man motivated by anti-Semitism and disdain for immigrants. More then a dozen bombs were allegedly mailed by a Trump supporter to top Democrats and journalists. And a white man was charged with murdering two black shoppers in Kentucky, in an attack the FBI said was a potential hate crime. —David E. Rovella

Here are today's top stories

Trump revived his reference to the press as the “enemy of the people” on Monday, just days after the foiled bombing of CNN's New York offices. Another suspicious package was discovered today in Atlanta, also addressed to CNN.

Germany’s Angela Merkel will quit as head of the Christian Democratic party and won’t run for another term as chancellor.

A near-new Boeing 737 Max jet operated by Indonesia’s Lion Air crashed in the Java Sea with 189 people on board.

IBM's planned $33 billion takeover of Red Hat lifted software stocks. It seems Wall Street expects more deals in the cloud sector.

Russia is about to take a multibillion-dollar hit from rules mandating cleaner marine fuels because it's not prepared for the change.
The midterm elections may not change very much in Washington no matter who prevails, Ramesh Ponnuru writes for Bloomberg Opinion.
What's Joe Weisenthal thinking about? The Bloomberg news director is still mulling the combined effect of the stock market selloff and the turmoil surrounding Saudi Arabia on the valuations of big private tech companies.

What you'll want to read tonight

China mulls fighting the U.S. trade war with tax cuts for automobiles.The U.K. is targeting tech giants with a digital services tax.Brazil's voters have decided to pivot sharply to the right. The White House is bracing for a staff stampede.Bitcoin could—theoretically—put the Paris climate goals out of reach.It's billionaire versus billionaire on the Las Vegas strip.A Michelin chef tried powdered meals. It didn't go well.

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What you'll need to know tomorrow

Chevy Aims Its Silverado at Rich Urban Cowboys

We’re in the later stages of evolution when it comes to the genus pickup, and the margins for improvement have grown slim. Chevrolet’s new half-ton moneymaker offers a smattering of Easter eggs to stand out, if just a bit, from rivals. But in the end, there's plenty of money to go around, since so many Americans want a pickup—whether they need it or not.

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