Unlearning Together

24 days ago

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December 30, 2018

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Community isn't a particular lifestyle but a universal form of existence. We are community beings by our very nature.
- Martin Winiecki -

Unlearning Together

Martin Winiecki of the Tamera Peace Research & Education Center in Portugal, writes that our present culture maintains a "mental and spiritual firewall...that hinders us from experiencing our interconnectedness with other beings." He invites us into "a world of full contact, resonance, and communication," by going through three stages of unlearning, beginning with a revolution in consciousness and ending with an unlearning process that needs community, considering that "we are relational interdependent beings."
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Be The Change

Winiecki says we can discover "a world outside our projections" when we practice unlearning. Try it for yourself, experimenting with his three stages, then share your discoveries in discussion with your community of family, friends, or a group you belong to.


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