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9 months ago

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Starting from May 25, 2018 the new General data protection regulation (EU 2016/679) - which aims at consolidating your personal data protection and your relevant rights - will be effective.
PRADA has therefore updated its privacy policy and invites you to read it here. If you want to stay in touch with the Prada universe
and continue receiving our emails, please access this link and update
your consents.
If you don’t update your consents we will continue processing your personal data in accordance with the new General data protection regulation and the consents issued previously.
This notification has no commercial purpose and is purely informative.

We legitimately collected your e-mail address in circumstances such as in stores or through the web site, when you knowingly provided this information. We make our best effort in order to handle such information in conformity with privacy regulations and in complete safety. Please

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