Upvoted Weekly: Punk'd in Space, Nick Offerman vs. the Robots, and Lucid Dreaming

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The hilarious life of a video game tester, your chances of dying while dancing, a surprising TV show crossover, the worst book club in history, Driver MacGyver, and more!

It’s already Sunday and there’s so much internet we can’t wait to show you.

We had one of the most candid Ask An Admin sessions yet, interviewed former POW and documentary filmmaker Matthew Vandyke on the podcast, and got the inside scoop from the creators of last week’s r/gaming viral video sensation (the zombie “First Person Shooter” played via Chatroulette). Based on your feedback, we’ll be sitting down with them for a chat on the podcast, too!

That’s just some of the stuff the Upvoted team here at Reddit created. Now on to the glorious bounty of you all within the Reddit community (we hit a new milestone last month: over 202M unique visitors!!). Speaking of glorious bounties, did you see the Force Friday haul discussions on r/StarWars?

Thanks for making it another amazing week on Reddit! Help us make it another amazing year by joining our Extra Life team. It’s easy: play video games and it’ll help sick kids. I’ll be playing Hearthstone, TF2, Diablo 3, and the old Punisher beat-em-up if I can find the ROM… What will you play? Tell us in the discussion thread for this newsletter on r/Upvoted!

Alexis Ohanian, Co-founder
  INTERESTINGASF*** Factory gifs from the gif factory
submitted by -rico

User -rico compiled an album of stunning and oddly satisfying gifs of the factory machines that make everything we consume—including (but not limited to) fortune cookies, waffle cones, pasta, condoms, and ammunition. (You know you’ve reached the end when you get to the “pickle elevator.”)

373 read more 5025
  SPACE One small prank for mankind
Astronauts in general have pulled off or been victims of some pranks … Most of the time, it is the astronauts pranking Mission Control. Here are a few stories that I always thought were pretty funny.  Falcon109

Apparently, astronauts have a rich history of punking each other, from the first practical joke during the Apollo 12 mission in 1969 to an elaborate prank earlier this year involving a space station commander and his identical twin trading places… on launch day.

40 read more 199
  HOLDMYBEER Flippin’ sweet, bro!
submitted by SalvatoreLeone

This dexterous dad made us cringe with his fearless floor routine. Almost as much as this human and her dog trying to clear a high jump (seeing it in slow-mo makes it sooo muuuuch woooooooorse).

104 read more 4189
  ASKREDDIT Why getting paid to play video games actually sucks
You sit down at your testing station with your testing gear and they bring you your game. It’s not the latest shooter or MMORPG. It’s Barbie Dreamhouse 3: Ken’s Revenge.  rugtoad

In a recent r/AskReddit thread about “dream jobs,” user rugtoad explained why being a professional video game tester isn’t as fun as it sounds. Read rugtoad’s hilarious account of what it’s like to sit in a fart-filled “windowless concrete box” and how Barbie’s boobs factor into bug testing.

2401 read more 1724
  INFOGRAPHICS Murder on the dance floor: Know the odds BEFORE you boogie submitted by dakapn

This entertaining (and frightening) infographic breaks down your chances of dying from unusual causes and everyday activities—like swimming, skydiving, and even playing computer games. Luckily, they didn’t include reading newsletters, so we think you’re safe.

26 read more 174
  LUCIDDREAMING Even if it’s just in your wildest dreams…
I’ve been lucid dreaming for as long as I can remember, when I was little, I used to tell my mom what I was going to dream that night, and then dream it.  RabiesScabiesBABIES

User RabiesScabiesBABIES, an urban farmer by day and lucid dreamer by night, explained what she does with her infinite dream-powers. Want to try lucid dreaming for yourself? Check out this crash course to controlling your dreams. (But be warned: it’s not as easy as it sounds.)

179 read more 203
  GAMEOFTHRONES Burgers are coming submitted by CarlosDanger100

Artist Alex Cohen, or CarlosDanger100, spent the past month illustrating every character from Game of Thrones in the cartoon style of Bob’s Burgers. His drawings make us wish this were a real show. Check out his gallery to see the Starks, Targaryens, wildlings, White Walkers, and which character got a family portrait all by himself!

268 read more 4277
  IAMA Nick Offerman does not like robots
Please taste of my balls, AutoModerator bot.  NickOfferman

When Nick Offerman received an automated message during his AMA on Wednesday, he replied to the bot with a hilarious comeback that made us proud to be human. He also shared his dream of carving a wizard staff, gave an incredibly detailed explanation of his favorite drink, and told us about the time the name “Vladimir Putin” made him laugh uncontrollably.

5928 read more 4187
  S***TYMUSICOVERLAYS Half-creature, half-instrument, all adorable
submitted by reader313

User reader313 posted this strange musical video, and we can’t—stop—watching—it! Those mysterious instruments are called “Otamatones,” and soon their singing faces shall rule the world.

9 read more 201
  PIECEOFS***BOOKCLUB Join the Piece of Shit Book Club!

In their own words, r/PieceOfShitBookClub is a community “dedicated to bad literature.” This week’s top pick is a paranormal shapeshifting erotic romance novel (is that even a genre?!) about a woman named Belinda who gets seduced… by “were-bees.”

In case that’s not enough proof of their dedication to bad books, the mods wrote their own story about a man who f***s the moon. You won’t find that in Oprah’s Book Club.

2 read more 36

Love beautiful sports cars? You’ll drool over this gallery of the best car porn we’ve seen. (Hate beautiful sports cars? Check out r/drivermacgyver to see some vehicles just struggling to hold it together using some really interesting tactics.)

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