Upvoted Weekly: The crucial skill you always needed, now here (just a little too late)

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How an NSFW encounter turned into a life-saving drama, things on our millionaire wishlist, plants that will make you kill yourself, a brilliant explanation for UFOs, badass Mexican WWII propaganda posters, and more.

I continue to be impressed by and love learning from the amazing content you guys create and share every single week on Reddit, and this week was no different.

For example, have you ever wondered what kind of house $300,000 will buy you all over the world? Here’s the answer. It’s pretty awesome in some places—aaaand… super depressing in others.

I also loved learning about a fascinating and beautiful river that exists… under the ocean??

Redditors rallied to make sure u/Fozziefu’s autistic son had a completely unforgettable birthday that would make all 110,758 r/LEGO members sick with jealousy, if they weren’t also so happy for him.

And this is probably the most unsettling community I’ve come across recently. It’s not actually disturbing content, but it’s, well, I guess an insight deeper into myself. You’ll have to check it out yourself (make sure you visit it in a web browser so the CSS will work!).

Check out the rest of our favorites below!

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Alexis Ohanian, Co-founder
  LEARNUSELESSTALENTS The useless talent to end all useless talents
submitted by the_real_betty_white

At first, I was excited beyond belief, because this gif shows you how to do THE IMPOSSIBLE. Then I remembered—oh, yeah: RIP landlines. If only I had seen this gif two decades ago…

One that is still useful, in case you ever find yourself in an apocalypse and have to raid grocery stores but can’t find a can opener: how to open a can without a can opener.

81 read more 1377
  MUSIC Reddit’s 50 favorite albums from the last 50 years are here for your listening pleasure
REMINDER: music is subjective, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be analyzed with a small degree of objectivity.  art36

User art36 compiled a thorough, crowd-sourced, data-driven answer to the biased “best of” lists of music critics everywhere.

The final product, based on over 3,000 Reddit comments, is a list of redditors’ favorite albums from 1965 to 2015, with separate lists for r/music’s favorite albums, r/indieheads’s favorite albums, and 4chan’s favorite albums, as well as some head-to-head analysis and THE FINAL compiled top 50 list.

We were a little surprised the 1987 pick wasn’t Whenever You Need Somebody by Rick Astley. See the album that did make #1 for 1987 here!

78 read more 207
  DONTLOOKDOWN I’ll never understand adrenaline junkies. Also, I maybe just threw up in my mouth. Excuse me.
submitted by Schrodingers_Cthulu

This vertiginous gif shows two skyscraper-scaling adventurers doing the ultimate trust exercise. Guess that’s what we get for looking at gifs on r/dontlookdown.

If that one didn’t terrify you beyond belief, you can climb even higher with this gif that will put your own selfies to shame.

12 read more 98
  TIFU [Definitely NSFW] Male nurse makes life-saving diagnosis while, uh, you know…
The perverted side of me thought all this was kinky as hell, so I really didn’t think on it too much until this morning.  DaySee

DaySee just wanted to shake things up in bed. He never thought he would end up using the most unusual method ever to diagnose his partner with a serious disease.


I don’t think I ever saw this episode of House.

2198 read more 7844
  IFIWONTHELOTTERY If I won the lottery, this is the only way I would tell time
submitted by onlysame1

And I would only swim here and sleep here.

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  TODAYILEARNED Even the plants are deadly…
There is an Australian shrub known as the “suicide plant” that’s sting can last years and is so agonizing that people have been known to kill themselves after touching it.  F***ImInMy30s

And in case you need even more reasons to visit Australia, here’s what one redditor encountered while trying to read the energy meter.

740 read more 5358
  BEFORENAFTERADOPTION This is Ryker, who made an unbelievable transformation and recovery after missgracie took him in submitted by missgracie

See the difference here.

34 read more 1721
  IAMA This week in asking people anything

Tons of fascinating AMAs took place all across Reddit this last week. Here are just a few you may have missed:

Patrick Stewart of Yorkshire, X-Men, Star Trek, and Blunt Talk OccupyTheBookstore/texts.com, talking about the college textbook industry “I found out my wife cheated on me when my “son” came out black. I’m white, and she is too.” Chemists who are developing solar batteries for the power grid, answering your science-y questions Guy who grew up in the Quiverfull movement, talking about life in Christian fundamentalism and how he left Bullet for My Valentine, talking all things music “I have a journal of a man who lived from 1829-1903. Ask me any date to look up and I’ll give a tldr.”   STARTLEDCATS Your cat thinks you need to shower more frequently
submitted by furyofsound

This cat had an equally hilarious reaction to a certain frozen delicacy. And if you want to get your cat to go away, turns out another kind of dairy product is surprisingly effective. Though it may also break them…?

66 read more 2750
  HIGHDEAS This… actually makes complete sense
What if UFOs were actually humans from the future just watching us as part of some kind of tourist thingie because that would be the safest way to time travel without causing some kind of butterfly effect thing.  ArtNoize

And this high idea is brilliant, in a cruel yet hilarious way.

26 read more 105
  DIY Made completely from scratch, and it looks good to boot!

This enterprising boot-maker (cobbler? cordwainer?) blew our minds with this hand-made “bootorial.” In other DIY news, user FocalCamera created an open-source modular camera system you can make now make yourself, and user smashcuts built a fully-functional computer control panel with 100 programmable buttons and switches. It’s pretty dang awesome.

595 read more 5954

Here’s a seriously badass Mexican WWII propaganda poster.

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