Upvoted Weekly: Waffles in the House, an infinite Trump universe, and more

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Infinite Trumps, a custom crowd-funded Halo controller, evil wrestling puppeteers, the science of heatwave honeycomb, and a surprising announcement from the Oxford English Dictionary.

Happy Sunday!

We had quite a joyous week of happy teachers, great content, and waffles.

Reddit Gifts for the Teachers started pouring in, and the gallery is looking spectacular. Thank you for helping make this our largest supply drive yet and doing immeasurable good for so many teachers who deserve it so much.

If you haven’t been keeping up with Greg’s “Ask An Admin” series, you really should. This week’s column tackled how we get any work done while “working” on Reddit all day.

And remember the MMA fighter with all the face tattoos who was bullying his opponent at his weigh-in, only to get knocked out in 20 seconds during the fight? The victor is a redditor and we interviewed him on this week’s Upvoted podcast, along with another impressive redditor fighter—of spam!

Finally, we had a visit from the executive team at Waffle House this week, who prepared delicious waffles for the entire team (this marked the first ever “Waffle House” in all of California). We captured it all on our Snapchat, which you can find at reddithq—add us for some great behind-the-scenes shots of what it’s like working at Reddit HQ, on location for AMAs, and how we hand-craft each and every upvote.

Alexis Ohanian, Co-founder
  PHOTOSHOPBATTLES One Trump, Two Trumps, Three Trumps, Infinite Trumps?
submitted by 49blackandwhites

User R0TTENART posted a pic of a mic-wielding Donald Trump on r/photoshopbattles—the response was tremendous. See Trump as a city-destroying monster, a terrifying mutant sea creature, and a traditional American handyman.

Other communities found themselves stricken by Trump fever as well: At least one Trekkie at r/DeepSpaceNine nominated him for Grand Nagus in an inspiring propaganda poster. And even the Cenaphiles at r/UnexpectedCena found themselves making Trump pancakes. (Spoiler: There’s some unexpected John Cena.)

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  SQUAREDCIRCLE Redditor lands ‘Sports Illustrated’ gig after posting sports illustrations in comments
Earlier this month, I submitted a thread asking for your random wrestling scenarios which I sketched as doodles … Now I need your support.  butterflyinthesky

A month ago, Adalid Sanchez, user butterflyinthesky, illustrated absurd WWE scenes dreamt up by the wredditors at r/SquaredCircle. An editor at Sports Illustrated took notice and offered Sanchez a job as an artist, extending his schtick into an interactive bit called “#SIDoodles”—but he still needs ideas from redditors.

Did someone already ask him to draw Vince McMahon as an evil puppeteer? Damn. We’ll think of something else.

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  INVISIBALL Keep your eye on the… hey, where’d it go?! submitted by skip_and_repeat

Speaking of imaginary athletics, the community at r/Invisiball has permanently altered your favorite sports and transformed athletes into superhumans through one simple change: making the ball invisible. The revised pics (whether tennis, football, fútbol, or basketball) are endlessly entertaining, and the community really seems to be having a ____.

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  HALO Gamers buy custom controller for Halo fan with multiple sclerosis
My heart goes out to this kid, he really seems to like Halo a lot and even that causes him pain. I’d like to do something to help so I’m appealing to the community.  YungsWerthers

User YungsWerthers met Mason through Xbox Live after they were randomly assigned to the same Halo team.

When YungsWerthers learned that his new gaming buddy’s MS made using a traditional controller difficult, he reached out to the redditors at r/Halo to ask how he could help. The community responded by finding a hardware expert who specializes in controllers for gamers with disabilities and crowdfunded a custom solution for Mason.

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  SECRETSANTA A Sign of Gratitude submitted by deceptibean

User deceptibean, a pre-school teacher with hearing-impaired students, thanked her Reddit Gifts benefactor, BraveTostadora, with this simple sign of gratitude: a photograph of her expressing “thank you” in American Sign Language. As part of the 4th Annual Reddit Gifts Teacher Exchange, she received a set of books teaching basic signs, flash cards, board games, and a personalized note for each item.

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  ASKREDDIT Muslim redditors recall how their lives changed after Sept. 11
My family lived in Staten Island, New York, when 9/11 happened. People would spit at my mom when she’d walk down the street.  QwertyNovelty

As the 14th anniversary of 9/11 approaches, Muslim users shared their memories of how they were treated by their communities in the wake of the attacks. Read their stories here.


It was my dad’s birthday and I walked into the living room with a painting I had made. My mom was on the couch crying and my dad was holding her while they watched the news.


My uncle lost his job as a jet pilot. My white neighborhood friends stopped talking to me, and their parents were scared of my mom for wearing the hijab.

6692 read more 4988
  ASKSCIENCE How could coconut oil suddenly turn into a honeycomb pattern? submitted by pensivebadger

When a passing heatwave left a jar of coconut oil inexplicably patterned with honeycomb-like hexagons, user pensivebadger decided to seek scientific counsel. Redditor MurphysLab then stepped up to the lab table to explain how the hexagonal “Voronoi diagram” was created.

407 read more 6100
  TRADITIONALCURSES A gift… and a curse
May the chocolate chips in your cookies always turn out to be raisins.  Maxicorne

Ever wanted to put a hex on your enemies? r/TraditionalCurses is filled with real incantations that promise to deliver slight sock discomfort; a short, obligatory walk; and omelette flip-floppery. (The horror!)

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  CREATURES_OF_EARTH The Amazing Anus-less Antlion! submitted by TheBurningEmu

Yup, you read that right. This bug has no butthole. User TheBurningEmu taught us all about this hairy beast, known to man as the ferocious antlion—or, y’know, the “doodlebug.” Despite the cute nickname, this insect traps prey in conical graves and chomps ‘em to pieces with its spiky, venomous jaws.

Check out TheBurningEmu’s pictures for gnarly close-ups, a sand-flicking attack on an unsuspecting ant, and some cute bug-drawn doodles.


So THESE are the buggers on basically every desert level on video games.

17 read more 328
  AUSTIN Froyo the parakeet returned after escape, thanks to r/Austin
I do take some joy in my tiny bird’s epic journey. But, if she were equipped to survive on her own, she would not have sought help in the end.  TuckerRidesBikes

A poor parakeet alone in the big city, her owner’s cry for help, a serendipitous stranger, a cheering crowd… It’s only a matter of time before this story of avian rescue gets turned into a movie. Perhaps Lost in Austin: Froyo Goes Solo? Or There and Back Again: A Parakeet’s Tail, narrated by Froyo Baggins?

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  SILLYASF*** Meanwhile, another animal attempts an escape on foot…
submitted by glowpear

Be sure to keep a close eye on this jumpy pygmy jerboa. Maybe he’s in cahoots with the Hamburglar Retriever and this suspicious raccoon trying to cover his tracks. Hmmm.

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Congratulations, redditors! We’re officially in the Oxford English Dictionary! Sure, the OED accepted us at the same time as “beer o’clock,” “pwnage,” and “weak sauce,” but it’s an awesomesauce snackable mic drop just to be nominated.

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