VIDEO: Is this really the end?

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Most of us simply can’t fathom these things changing.

RECESSION 2019: Special Investigation

Dear Reader,

Is this really the end?

For much of the last 28 years, all Australia has known is prosperity, wealth and good times. Most of us simply can’t fathom these things changing.

But in my view, things are changing…and faster than many people realise.

I now believe we are looking at the almost certain end of Australia’s 28-year run of economic good fortune.

In this short video — the first of a four-part series — I explain what I believe is about to happen to us…and when. Please click on the thumbnail image below to watch it right now (the video will open and play in a new page).

Believe me, I have mixed feelings about this series.

I have no vested interest in stocks going down…and the market crashing. I wish our prosperous run could last forever. I feel horrible that it’s down to me to point all this out to you.

Then again, I’d be failing in my duty if I didn’t show you what others won’t…

…and give you my best ideas on how you can try to avoid what could be our biggest financial crisis in almost 100 years.

That’s right, reader — don’t expect breezy viewing!

But, as always, expect the straight, unwashed truth — as I see it.

No sugar-coating. No beating around the bush.

It’s the only way.

Click HERE to watch my first Recession 2019 video.

Part two’s coming tomorrow.

Or…if you’d prefer to skip my preamble and get ‘eyes on’ my survival strategy right now, you can read that HERE.


Shae Russell,
Editor, The Daily Reckoning Australia

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