Visa Talks AI’s Global Impact | CFPB To Review Fed’s Overdraft Rule | Facebook May Face 20-Year Government Oversight

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Visa talks AI’s global impact, CFPB to review Fed’s overdraft rule, Facebook may face 20-year government oversight



May 14, 2019

Artificial Intelligence

Visa Talks AI’s Global Impact

AI’s reality is far from the futuristic fantasies of, say, Minority Report. However, as Mark Jamison, Visa’s global head of innovation and design, tells Karen Webster, a number of promising use cases are blossoming across verticals and the globe. He offers a whirlwind tour of AI’s hotspots — and where the next great frontiers may lie.



Biz Travel Spend Management

What’s Wrong With Business Travel Expense Management

Managing business travel expenses is backward. An employee charges expenses to a card, then management reviews the spend after it’s happened and it’s reimbursement time. The future of business travel payments, PEX CEO Toffer Grant tells PYMNTS, is making that process happen in reverse, using tech and payment tools that help manage spend. Here’s the travel payments plan.




Offloading Cyber Defense Amid Tech's Great Unknowns

Cyber insurance firm Coalition just raised $40 million to boost staff, and launch a data platform that helps analyze and underwrite cyber risk. CEO Joshua Motta tells PYMNTS that insurance can help SMBs eliminate the costs of breaches — but helping clients fix vulnerabilities, while protecting them from breaches, can help shore up defenses in a world where what isn’t known can, in fact, hurt.



The Trade Credit Dilemma Report™

Trade Credit’s $3.1T Squeeze On US Businesses

When it comes to paying for goods or services, businesses have a long-standing tradition of buying now and paying later. On any given day, the net amount firms owe to those businesses comes to a staggering $3.1 trillion. The Trade Credit Dilemma Report, the product of an extensive PYMNTS survey of more than 1,000 firms, reveals that trade credit is far from an innocuous tradition. In fact, it imposes a severe strain on U.S. businesses — in particular, SMBs. Here’s how.




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