John, Every adversity carries with it the seed of an equilivent or greater benefit.

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Hi John!
This has got to be one of the greatest bargains of all time!
Think and Grow Rich
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Can you imagine owning the best selling book ever written
about building wealth, almost free? Well you can!
I don't know why it took me so long to discover Think and
Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. I was nearly 25 years old before
I came across it for the first time.
I dare say, outside the Bible, that more people have been
influenced by Think and Grow Rich, than any other
motivational book written.
When I first found it, I was searching for financial
liberty. I was young. I had 4 small daughters and I was
always at the bookstore trying to find wisdom in books
about how to create wealth and take care of my
family's security.
As I was browsing over the titles on the shelf, this one
stood out -- Think and Grow Rich.
"What's that?" I thought.
I was instantly inspired by that title and I am still
inspired every time I look at my bookshelf today.
It's true, I had been looking for the formula to success,
similar to the way Ponce De Leon searched for the fountain
of youth. However wealth and success seemed elusive back
But I knew this book was different, just by looking at the
title, Think and Grow Rich.
After all, this book was written from a totally different
perspective. It wasn't about how to BECOME rich. It was
about tapping into the wealth that already lies within the
human brain... and always begins with a thought.
That's a rule!
Think and Grow Rich is not about a method, a system, or in
today's terms, an algorithm. It's about the algorithm
that's already built into us at birth.
However somewhere along life's path, we lost the
instruction manual. So we need someone to remind us how
truly great we are and what a terrific miracle the human
mind can be.
If you've read Think and Grow Rich, I know you remember
these words, "Every adversity carries with it the seed of
an equivalent or greater benefit."
Those are words to live by and they have inspired me for
more than... well, a long time.
So now you can download one of the most inspiring books of
all time. I'm dedicated to helping people find these
incredible deals and I'm really happy this book is going to
be at the top of your list!
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All the best,
Kate Ford
aka Super Kate
Spotlight Real Estate
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