John, What's making Super Kate so happy?

7 years ago

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Hi John!
You've met my smiling sidekick, right? Super Kate. She's
feeling even happier than usual today.
That's because she's discovered the all-new Kindle.
The Kindle, lighter than a paperback and thinner than a
magazine, makes it possible for Super Kate to take her
favorite books along as she's traversing the skies in
search of ways to build wealth.
Go to Super Kate's Ebook Nook where she introduces
the Kindle -->
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Crisp fonts, double the storage, 50% better contrast with
the latest E Ink Pearl technology, and no glare are just a
few of the improvements on an already 5 star product.
No wonder Super Kate is happy.
Want to share some of her happiness? Go to Super Kate's
Ebook Nook to learn more about the Kindle -->
And one more thing... you can protect and accessorize your
Kindle with products from Incipio, Kate Spade, DecalGirl
and others.
All the best,
Kate Ford
aka Super Kate
Spotlight Real Estate
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Date: September 18, 2011
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