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Midterm elections in the U.S. are always a partial referendum on the sitting president, but Donald Trump has worked very hard to make this one entirely about him, fanning the fears of his base with misleading tweets and inflammatory speeches. This evening, an anxious nation awaits the result of this peculiar campaign strategy. —Josh Petri

Here are today's top stories

Bloomberg News will, of course, be mapping the results of the midterms in real-time. 

A record 260 women are running for Congress this year. Making sure they stick around is another matter, Bloomberg Businessweek reports.

Amazon's yearlong search for a second headquarters is almost over. It's expected to end not with not one, but two new headquarters. (One of those homes is already slated for huge tax breaks, of course.)

This week, the U.S. is focused on the midterms. Next week, everyone will be focused on Special Counsel Robert Mueller, writes Noah Feldman in Bloomberg Opinion.

Bill Gates thinks he can save 500,000 lives and more than $200 billion by reinventing the toilet.

Henry Kissinger said during the Bloomberg New Economy Forum that he's "fairly optimistic" the U.S. and China can avoid a catastrophe.

What's Tracy Alloway thinking about? The Bloomberg executive editor is watching markets react to the midterms. Much of the debate has been whether or not the results will matter at all for investors. There's a lot to suggest they shouldn't.

What you'll need to know tomorrow

Americans just got used to dipping credit cards. Now try tapping.Two millennials have been given the keys to a $320 billion fund.Fox News scolded Sean Hannity for appearing at a Trump rally.A $240-billion-a-day market quits London over Brexit.Nancy Pelosi is certain the Democrats will take the House.A battery pioneer says his new breakthrough will lower cobalt use.From broken machines to hacking; the latest on election integrity.

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What you'll want to read tonight

America Votes: The 2018 Election in Pictures

We've given you well over a thousand words on the midterms. Here are some photos that may say a little bit more. 

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