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Plus: Stories from Syria, Coconut Octopus, and the People-Eating Yule Cat!

This week, Reddit had some fantastic AMAs.

Comedian H. Jon Benjamin—better known as the voice of Archer from Archer and Bob from Bob’s Burgers—shared his daily intake of wine and his thoughts on removing ISIS from Archer. Meanwhile, in the Hip Hop Heads community, rapper Pusha T talked about his new favorite TV show and what’s on his mood board.

Hateful Eight actor Tim Roth told us about his experience working with 2Pac, and shared with fans what he wants for Christmas. (But if Santa gets him a hippo instead, this is what Roth would name it.) And The Big Short director Adam McKay bragged about fighting a cobra on top of a mountain, and how he would battle a violent news crew.

But the most spectacular AMA this week goes to Erykah Badu, who answered redditors’ questions for over 6 hours—discussing mermen, the meaning of life, and the most important breakfast-related question of all time.


Alexis Ohanian, Co-founder
  ASKREDDIT IT Workers Share the Most Idiotic Things Non-Techies Have Told Them submitted by gravipy

What’s the most enragingly dumb thing that’s been said to an IT worker? Well, how much time do you have? In an Ask Reddit post, IT workers shared their horror stories, and we illustrated their most hilarious stories—with meerkats.

  STARWARS ‘Star Wars’ Mastering Engineers: Ask Us Anything submitted by patvr3s

Shawn Murphy, Dann Michael Thompson, and Pat Sullivan have helped shape the soundscape of Star Wars. During their video AMA, they discuss what it’s like to work with John Williams and George Lucas, the equipment used to create the unique sound of the saga, and how mixing music has changed over the past few decades. Watch it here.

  ASKREDDIT How Do You Spell the Sounds a Lightsaber Makes? submitted by hkh25

Speaking of the sounds of Star Wars, how exactly do you transcribe lightsaber noises? Is it psshhew? Or kksssshhhh? Maybe vvvvuuummmm? These helpful gifs will make you fluent in lightsaber.

  ENTREPRENEUR Founder and CEO of GoPro Shares His Formative Moment

GoPro CEO Nick Woodman is an entrepreneur, adventurer, father, and surfer—but he’s probably best known as the guy who took his out-of-water camera idea and changed the world of photography forever. In the latest episode of Formative, Woodman describes the moment when he first realized, “Oh, shit. I think this is going to be a lot bigger than I ever imagined.”

  PICS Stories From Syria: Before And After submitted by WhiskyBrasil

These days, it’s rare to hear Syria described as “an absolutely beautiful place,” but that’s just how Reddit user ploooopp remembers it when he last visited in 2010. In a recent discussion in the Pics community, redditors shared personal stories—and photos—of the country they loved before it was crippled by war.

  IAMA AP Reporter Answers Questions About the Seafood Slave Trade submitted by MarthaMendozaAP (Photo: iStockPhoto.com/adlifemarketing)

Earlier this week, the Associated Press released a story on the slave trade in Thailand that supplies seafood to stores and restaurants around the world. Martha Mendoza, one of the reporters who uncovered the story, answered redditors’ questions about her investigation, how people can help, and how this story has helped free more than 2,000 slaves.

  IAMA Northern Kenyan Group’s Programs Nurture Area’s Wildlife and Citizens submitted by lewawildlife

A baby rhino made the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy popular on Reddit, but this organization does more than care for cute critters. Find out how the rhino’s caretakers are developing mobile health clinics, creating business opportunities for women, and even using bloodhounds to stop poachers.

  TODAYILEARNED The People-Eating Yule Cat is the Best Icelandic Christmas Nightmare submitted by Atwenfor

Think Krampus is scary? He’s got nothin’ on Yule Cat. This monstrous feline from Icelandic folklore takes Christmas horror to a whole new level.

  REALLIFEDOODLES Rockin’ Robin, Meet Rockin’ Parrot submitted by orbojunglist

We’ve heard of Birds With Arms, but this is ridiculous! User orbojunglist created this gif of a head-bangin’ parrot for the Real Life Doodles community, and we’ve been watching it on repeat ever since.

  DIY Man Builds Giant Periscope to View Eiffel Tower From Bed submitted by Lurluberlu (Photo: La Fabrique DIY/YouTube)

Can’t see the skyline from your room? Time to break out the mirrors and wood glue. That’s exactly what one Parisian redditor did—just so he could look at the Eiffel Tower from his bed.

  ASKREDDIT Shitty Watercolour Illustrates: What Is the Absolute Coolest Thing Humanity Has Ever Done? submitted by L_P

From the invention of the Internet to wearing a black leather jacket over a white T-shirt, these are the coolest things humankind has achieved—chosen by redditors, illustrated by Shitty Watercolour.

  ASKREDDIT What’s Your Favorite Television Show’s TL;DR? submitted by MattOfficial (Photo: FX Networks)

How would you summarize your favorite television show in just a few words? For fans of The Wire, it’s “Don’t move to Baltimore.” Check out redditors’ hilarious TL;DR’s for The Office, House, Archer, and more.

  EXPLAINLIKEIMFIVE Can’t Find Video Games With Sex? You’re Looking in the Wrong Places submitted by TIFUdogdongsinmymom (Photo: 'Mass Effect 3'/Electronic Arts)

Forget jet packs. Where’s the future filled with video games that feature nothing but wall-to-wall sex? When user TIFUdogdongsinmymo asked where all the hanky-panky was, they must’ve been forgetting about these games.

  WOAHDUDE Watch This Bizarre Octopus Build an Armored Home Out of Coconuts submitted by SmileSmileSmileSmile (Photo: ReefID)

The coconut octopus is the only invertebrate that is known to use tools. The aptly named coconut octopus gathers coconut shells discarded by humans and awkwardly carries them across the ocean floor. Warning: This is probably the cutest freakin’ thing you’ll see today.


Ever wonder what it’s like to have a live insect trapped in your ear canal? You’ll never want to listen to “Itsy Bitsy Spider” again…

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