Walmart And Other Big Retailers Eye CBD | Squeezing A Pizza Parlor Into 300 Sq. Feet | Impossible Foods Notches $300M For Meatless Meat

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CBD Migrates To Mass Market; Plus Pizza Kiosk Innovation; And Meatless Meat Entices Investors
May 13, 2019
The Fearlessly Weird Approach To QSR Dining

Pizza is a staple, and the pizza parlor is an American QSR classic. But the chain &pizza is infusing that classic with a digital upgrade by building pizza cubes – 300-square-foot staffed kiosks that can fit just about anywhere. Co-founder and CEO Michael Lastoria tells PYMNTS it's part of the startup's plan to expand rapidly and to think very differently about distributing pizza.

Business Solutions
When The Restaurant Becomes A Co-Working Space

Entrepreneurs are finding new uses for restaurants by having them double as co-working locations that users can access through daily and monthly passes. WorkChew Co-founder and Chief Relationship Officer Paul Dahm explains how his service works — and why the time is right for restaurants to get into the office groove.  Read More...

PYMNTS Unattended Retail Tracker™
How Retailers Could Turn Smart Vending Into A $15B Market By 2025

Merchants are changing the way consumers buy goods with the help of smart unattended retail devices. According to the latest PYMNTS Unattended Retail Tracker, the estimated value of the global intelligent vending machine market by 2025 is forecast to be $15 billion. Here’s how merchants of all shapes and sizes are disrupting the world of retail through smart vending technology.  Read More...

Today In Data
Getting Everyone Into The Innovation Fast Lane

The pace of innovation is fast. A decade ago, ridesharing was an unheard-of concept, and now in 2019, Uber and Lyft have been racing to see who will have the biggest public offering. But as innovations zoom ahead, will consumers — particularly those on the financial margins — be able to keep pace?  Read More...

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