Walmart's Next-Day Delivery Play | Hard Kombucha Goes National | Amazon's Click-And-Collect Goes Global

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Walmart Grows Next-Day Shipping; Plus Kombucha's Latest Upgrade; And Amazon Sends Click-And-Collect Abroad
May 14, 2019
Will Hard Kombucha Be The New Rosé?

In a market flooded with kombucha over the last couple of years, Flying Embers is looking to stand out to its millennial target audience by offering an alcoholic, yet reportedly healthy, variation of the beverage. And, Co-Founder Bill Moses tells PYMNTS, the brand is officially ready to go national. Here’s the buzz.

Business Travel
Tapping Into Apps To Make Business Travel Easier

Startups are aiming to take the best from homeshares and hotels to create a cohesive experience powered by digital tech. Mint House Founder and CEO William Lucas explains how his platform works – and how it's using the power of apps in an effort to reshape the experience of business travel.  Read More...

PYMNTS mPOS Tracker™
Why mPOS Could Be The Cornerstone Of Digital Wallet Acceptance

Before consumers can adopt new payment methods, merchants have to support them on their point-of-sale (POS) devices. And according to the latest PYMNTS mPOS Tracker, financial and payments players are working to foster greater adoption of mobile wallets. Here’s how these companies are working to make the payment options easier for merchants to accept.  Read More...

Today In Data
Watching Out For Unexpected And Unintended Consequences

Whether the subject is innovation or regulation, measure twice, cut once is always a good rule. Because the future is always less certain than it seems – and unexpected and unintended outcomes have a way of disrupting even the best-laid plans.  Read More...

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