WCI Deadline Extended To December 15!

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Deadline Extended to December 15!

Final Deadline: December 15 (11:59pm PST)!

Don't miss your chance to enter Fast Company's second annual World Changing Ideas Awards.
We’re looking for any ideas that have launched since January 1, 2017, from finished product to brave concept. We also want to award ingenuity and help foster innovation, which is why well-thought out ideas that are not yet in the field will also be considered.
Last year, 12 winners and 192 finalists appeared in Fast Company magazine (circulation 725,000) and on FastCompany.com (12 million visits per month).
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Deadline Extended: December 15, 2017
Urban Design
Buildings, landscapes, and programs that make cities—and living in them—cleaner, more efficient, more beautiful, and more equitable for their citizens.
Projects that get you places—whether on two wheels or four—in new, interesting, and fuel-efficient ways.
Consumer Products
Items for your house or office that help you live a more purposeful life, or fundamentally alter outdated business models or supply chains of our current consumer goods.
Projects changing what we eat, how we eat, and how we get our food.
Solar, wind, and any other innovative ideas to create clean power (either for personal use or at a large scale) or new systems for better electricity distribution.
Products and projects that improve either personal or global well-being and longevity, from apps to devices, to new medical equipment.
Developing World Technology
Products designed specifically for the developing world, both ones intended for the bottom of the pyramid and those intended to help create leapfrog innovation.
Projects that live primarily in a mobile format, in any discipline.
Photography & Visualization
Any visual or creative project that helps explain and publicize global problems and solutions.
Campaigns designed to draw attention to social issues and inspire people to act or to promote world-changing products or services.
Projects in any category, created by undergraduate or graduate students.
General Excellence
The most innovative ideas with no category restrictions. Anything that has the potential to effect true systems change or solve wicked problems.
Get the recognition your idea deserves!
Entries will be considered by a venerable group of designers, venture capitalists, thinkers, social entrepreneurs, and Fast Company editors. Check out some of our creative minds below.
Jay Coen Gilbert
B Lab
Antionette Carroll
Creative Reaction Lab
Stephen D. Comello
Sustainable Energy Initiative
Stephen D. Comello
Sustainable Energy Initiative
Jigar Shah
Generate Capital
Jigar Shah
Generate Capital
Jessica Jackley
Cheryl Hicks
The Toilet Board
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Deadline Extended: December 15, 2017
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