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Dear Tyee Reader,
On Dec. 10, we issued a challenge to Tyee readers: Help us get to 2,019 monthly supporters before the start of 2019. To hit that number, we needed to add 232 people before Dec. 31.
We were blown away when Tyee readers hit that target in under two weeks. Now, we've upped the ante -- can we get to 300 new monthly supporters by Dec. 31?
Tyee Builders is a special membership program for readers of The Tyee. We operate without a paywall, which means that nobody has to pay anything to read our original stories (and 15+ years of archives).
Tyee Builders, readers who give us a bit of money each month, or one-time contributions from time to time, make this all possible. We really couldn’t do what we do, and pay our contributing writers, without them.
We’re gearing up for 2019 and we have some exciting projects underway, including a redesign of our homepage and an expanded list of writers, photographers, and other creative folk who will help us explore and report on this corner of the world.
The clock is ticking down, and we're so close to hitting 300, but we'll only get there if you join us now. Are you in? Click here to join now.
In appreciation,
Jeanette, Robyn, and the whole Tyee team
P.S. We have a Dec. 31 deadline to add 300 new monthly supporters – will you help us get there? Click here to join now.
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