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The Friday Edition - Oct 5, 2018
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Movies, movie review, Riz Ahmed, Tom Hardy, Venom

Review: Venom Is Weird, Dated, And A Waste Of A Perfectly Good Riz Ahmed

By Kate Gardner on Fri,12:49
We answer the question: Do Venom and Eddie Brock actually make out in this film?
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Big on the Internet, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, New York Comic Con

Don’t Miss Harry Potter and the Cursed Child at NYCC

By Rachel Leishman on Fri,12:31
While Harry Potter hasn't really been the focal point at New York Comic Con in recent years, this year it seems as if Harry Potter and the Cursed Child really wanted to make fans experience the magic.
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Big on the Internet, Halloween, vampires

10 of Our Favorite Female Vampires in Movies & Television

By Princess Weekes on Fri,11:54
Vampires are cool (not as cool as witches, but whatever) so here’s to celebrating ten of our favorite female vampires in film and television.
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Uncategorized, review, the bacchae, theater

Review: “The Bacchae” at BAM Shines With a Female Dionysus for the Trump Era

By Kaila Hale-Stern on Fri,11:51
In a new production of "The Bacchae," Euripides' ancient tragedy feels applicable to our current socio-political situation.
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TV, anime, Shonen Jump, Yu-Gi-Oh!

Unsung Heroines of Shonen: The Ballad of Mai Kujaku

By Princess Weekes on Fri,11:09
As much as I love anime, one of the things that frustrate me about shonen series is the treatment of their female “heroines”—if they even get enough to warrant that name. One of the most frustrating examples of this is Mai Kujaku from the anime and manga series Yu-Gi-Oh!
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TV, Netflix, She-Ra

She-Ra is Going to be Empowering for Girls and Women Everywhere

By Rachel Leishman on Fri,11:02
Going into the She-Ra panel at NYCC, I was unaware of what the show was about to be. So it was surprising to find myself crying the minute I heard "For the honor of Greyskull" and I watched as Adora became the She-Ra those around me knew.
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News, Jimmy Kimmel, Louis C.K., sexual misconduct, women in comedy

What Jimmy Kimmel Misses in the Discussion Around Louis C.K.’s Place in Comedy

By Vivian Kane on Fri,10:40
I think a lot of us hoped Kimmel–who has recently found himself at the center of so many political debates, taking on Republican and conservative oppression–is better than this. But maybe he isn't.
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Big on the Internet, NYCC, Origin, things we saw today

Things We Saw Today: Two Harry Potter Stars Head to Space in Unsettling Origin Trailer

By Kaila Hale-Stern on Thu,6:37
The show stars Tom Felton, who played Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies, and Natalia Tena, who played Nymphadora Tonks, in what seems to be a sci-fi/horror mashup.
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News, brett kavanaugh, Christine Blasey Ford, misogyny, Republicans

Today’s Dose of Rage: North Carolina Republican Shares Fake Photo Of Dr. Blasey Ford, Suggesting She’s Too “Ugly” To Assault

By Kate Gardner on Thu,5:52
In case we needed a reminder of the completely awful and cruel behavior of the Republican party currently, a North Carolina Republican leader shared a fake photo of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford to mock her and imply that she was not attractive enough to be assaulted.
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Sponsored, Star Wars (franchise), The Mary Sue Shop

The Samsung Storm Trooper Vacuum Is Over $300 off in the Mary Sue Shop

By Diana Vilbert on Thu,5:12
Is there anything better than doing your chores without actually, you know, doing your chores? Nah. We’ve been obsessed with robot vacuums forever, and we didn’t think they could get any better. But they can and they have. Bring the power of the force to your floors with the Samsung POWERbot Star Wars Robot Vacuum. The theme is a plus, but even without it, it’s an amazing deal—46% off the regular price of $699.
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AMP Featured, TV, Birds of Prey, DC Comics, whitewashing

Backlash to “Racebent” Casting Is Tellingly Selective

By Chelsea Jackson on Thu,4:55
We’ve been bird watching ever since DC announced it would bring us a Birds of Prey film. While the impending production has made some changes to the Birds of Prey comics that we’re accustomed too—after all, if we wanted to see a panel-by-panel iteration of a comic, we’d just ... reread the comics—some of the onscreen alterations appear to erase certain character details, particularly with Huntress, despite backlash focusing on another character altogether.
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News, doxxing, politics, Republicans

Please Don’t Doxx Anyone, Not Even Terrible Republican Senators

By Vivian Kane on Thu,2:57
Doxxing—the publishing of someone's personal information, such as phone numbers and home or work addresses—is a vile, dangerous thing. It's a tactic beloved by the likes of Gamergate, meant to intimidate and overwhelm, and potentially leave people vulnerable to physical harm. It shouldn't be done to anyone—not even the horrible Republican men of the Senate Judiciary Committee.
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TV, bad decisions, Heathers (TV Show), paramount tv

Paramount Network Decides to Air the Heathers Reboot Because 2018 Is The Year of Bad Decisions

By Kate Gardner on Thu,2:34
Did anyone really want the Heathers reboot to see the light of day?
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Movies, Halloween

TMS Staff Picks: Essential Halloween Season Viewing

By Daniella Bondar on Thu,2:01
It's October, but at The Mary Sue it's Halloween month, which means that we spend all the days that aren't officially Halloween still celebrating. Personally, my favorite thing to do around Halloween time is marathon some of my favorite spooky movies. Some are gory, some are eerie, some are just nuts, but they're all a great time. So I want to share with you some of my favorite things to watch around Halloween time, and I asked my awesome TMS cohorts to do the same.
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AMP Featured, Movies, Avengers 4, Chris Evans, The MCU

Chris Evans Wraps Shooting on Avengers 4 and Our Worrying Intensifies

By Dan Van Winkle on Thu,1:39
Avengers: Infinity War delivered a crushing blow to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and its fans, by ushering in the franchise's very own Empire Strikes Back moment, on an unprecedented scale. Our heroes were dealt a punishing blow, and the movie ended on quite a down note for everyone but Thanos. However, as sad as all that was, we know much of it is going to be undone in Avengers 4, but that doesn't mean the movie has no wounds of its own to inflict.
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