Webinar December 7: Is workplace silence affecting your bottom line?

2 years ago

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Our latest research shows that every crucial conversation your employees avoid holding or don’t hold well costs your organization $1,000 and an 8-hour workday! And exactly what conversations do employees struggle with the most?

The study shows 71% fail to speak up effectively when a peer does not pull his or her weight; 68% fail to address instances of disrespect; and 57% let peers slide when they skirt important processes. Instead of speaking up, people engage in resource-sapping avoidance tactics including complaining to others, doing unnecessary work and ruminating about the problem.

Sound painfully familiar? How do you overcome this costly crisis of silence and repair the blow to your bottom-line?

Join bestselling author David Maxfield and Master Trainer Chase McMillan on Wednesday, December 7 for a one-hour live webinar to discuss the bottom-line impact of conversation failures and what your organization can do to reclaim those costs. You’ll learn:

• The top 5 most costly conversations running rampant in the halls of your organization.
• Why your employees aren’t speaking up—hint: it has to do with your culture.
• How to build a culture where people feel both able and supported to speak up when stakes are high, opinions differ, and emotions run strong.

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Date & Time
Wednesday, December 7
1:00-2:00 p.m. EST 


David Maxfield
New York Times bestselling author
Chase McMillan
Research & Development Manager



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P.S. This event will also be recorded and sent to all who register, so please register to get the replay even if you can't attend the live event.

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