Weekender: Campaign Trail: Booking.com's spooky sleepover; Clooney's Nespresso quest; Gillette 3D prints razors

6 months ago

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| Oct.​ 20,​ 2018


Q4 Audience Targeting Guide

Enhance year-end media strategies with location-based audiences. Connect your brand with active retail shoppers and in-market auto intenders.
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Campaign Trail: Booking.com's spooky sleepover; Clooney's Nespresso quest; Gillette 3D prints razors

A travel site recreates the Alcatraz prisoner experience for Halloween, while a coffee maker launches its largest campaign to date and a P&G brand tries to sharpen product personalization. 

Reese's #NotSorry ads drive conversation, purchase intent ahead of Halloween, analysis says

More people seeing the ads and talking about the brand are contributing to a rise in purchase consideration.

Inside Starbucks' secretive, ad-free Facebook community for fall enthusiasts

The Leaf Rakers Society, now at over 26,000 members, has become a powerful tool for peer-to-peer recommendations around seasonal products like the Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Welch's targets Gen X men with gritty 'Tough as Grapes' campaign

The brand adjusts for a different audience than kids and moms after research showed 59% of Gen X men said they were a primary grocery shopper.

Burger King concocts Halloween sandwich that's 'clinically proven' to create nightmares

The brand conducted a sleep study to prove the Nightmare King stirs up bad dreams, and captured the research in found footage-style video. 

Comic Dive: Dunkin' Goes Nuts

After dropping "Donuts" from its branding, the coffee chain is embracing craft beer, dry shampoo, tiny homes and more to forge a fresh identity.



The Surefire Way to Boost Digital Ad Effectiveness

Advertisers are embracing Creative Management Platforms (CMP) to create higher quality ads with far greater efficiency to maximize ROAS. But which one is right for you? G2 Crowd users rate 4 leading vendors. Download the report for details.

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