Weekender: Is Nestlé's strategy of closing a plant a month to cut costs good for business?

16 days ago

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| June​ 1,​ 2019


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Is Nestlé's strategy of closing a plant a month to cut costs good for business?

The global food company plans to save up to $2.49 billion by 2020 by making manufacturing and distribution more efficient, according to an interview the chief financial officer gave to a business publication.

Frozen food is hot, but will freeze-dried be too?

Once products mostly for adventurers, Mountain House is bringing freeze-dried meals to the mass market in hopes of landing the on-the-go consumer. 

The big chill: CBD-infused ice cream coming to Ben & Jerry's

There's a lot of BuzzBuzzBuzz around the announcement — the first cannabis commitment from a major brand — but it will be a while before it offers anything beyond Chocolate Therapy.
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Leftovers: Mountain Dew celebrates liberty with 50 flavors in 1 bottle; Ben & Jerry's goes sour

The PepsiCo soda's blue seasonal variety wears its patriotism on its label, and Godiva gets festive with a premium summer sampler. 

Report: Goya Foods considering $3B sale

The family-owned Latin food company hired Goldman Sachs to evaluate its options, sources told CNBC.

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Glass: Packaging that's clearly worth a second look

As consumers want packaging that is safe, sustainable, premium and transparent, manufacturers are increasingly going back to an old stalwart.


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