Weekender: Kellogg challenges lawsuit claiming its cereals contain 'toxic' sugar levels

8 months ago

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| Sept.​ 8,​ 2018

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Kellogg challenges lawsuit claiming its cereals contain 'toxic' sugar levels

The company is disputing the class distinction of the suit, while arguing the sweetener found in Frosted Mini-Wheats, Smart Start and Raisin Bran is an ingredient "the body indisputably requires."

Walmart's online shoppers find more products 'out of stock'

Groceries and other items deemed too expensive to ship are being listed as unavailable as the retail giant adjusts its supply chain and logistics operations.

Nestlé's personalized nutrition pilot taps AI, uses consumer DNA

About 100,000 subscribers are sharing information with the company on their diet and health practices. The information is then used to tailor food products to meet those specifications.
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H-E-B announces new digital headquarters

The 81,000-square-foot "innovation lab" in Austin, Texas will house the grocer's e-commerce team along with Favor, the on-demand delivery company it acquired earlier this year.

Discarded Smucker baking brands reorganized into new company

The new company called Hometown Food, which oversees the Pillsbury, Hungry Jack and Martha White brands, is being run by former executives at Kraft, Mondelez and TreeHouse Foods.

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As consumer demand for premium, on-the-go java skyrockets, Big Food companies such as Nestlé and Coca-Cola are expanding their presence in the space, spending more than $12 billion this year alone.
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Spamalot: Consumers can't get enough of the mercilessly mocked meat

The 81-year old Hormel Foods brand, ridiculed by Monty Python and tied to unwanted email, has remained popular amid shifts toward fresher foods — and record sales are forecast this year. 

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