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What You Need To Know Today
After 10 Years, Google Chrome Gets an Update: 8 Things to Try
PCMag | Chrome has looked pretty similar for a decade, but version 69, a 10th anniversary overhaul, is a significant update. Here are the most important new features.
The Ultimate Guide to Finding and Killing Spyware and Stalkerware on Your Smartphone
ZDNet | This guide will run through what spyware is, what the warning signs of infection are, and how to can remove such pestilence from your mobile devices.
Atlassian Launches Jira Ops, an Incident Response System with Slack Integration
ZDNet | Atlassian launched Jira Ops, an incident response hub for software and information technology teams. Jira Ops is a single place to respond to incidents, link systems in place, and create consistent processes. Atlassian is launching Jira Ops in beta for free. The paid 1.0 version will arrive in early 2019. The product highlights how Atlassian is doubling down on managing IT teams.
Who's More Dangerous: The Malicious or Negligent Insider? Tell Us
SurveyMonkey | If you haven't already taken our insider threats survey, it's very quick (3 minutes!). We're surveying you — the most forward-thinking community of IT and security professionals — to create the richest survey on insider threats in the modern workplace. To thank you for your time, you'll be entered to win a $50 Amazon gift card (we're giving away 20 of them). We'll share the anonymized results as soon as we have them.
Tips & Tricks for the Digital Workplace
The Ultimate Google Calendar Guide: 90+ Tips to Supercharge Productivity
Calendly Blog | Here's your master list of tips and tricks to become a Google Calendar pro.
How to @Mention a Contact in Gmail
G Suite Tips | If you need to add someone to a discussion in an email, there’s an option to ‘@’ mention them.
IT Leadership & Strategy
5 Bad Habits of Ineffective IT Departments
InformationWeek | The best intentions of an IT group can end up coming back to bite them, leading their projects to fall short of expectations or to fail outright.
Long Reads
I Invented the iPhone's Autocorrect. Sorry About That, and You're Welcome
Wired | "I have a confection to make. Ugh! No, I don’t want to bake a cake. Let me type that again. I have a confession to make. I worked for many years as a software developer at Apple and I invented touchscreen keyboard autocorrection for the original iPhone," writes Ken Kocienda.
SaaS Updates Summary: September 3 – September 7
BetterCloud Monitor | Last week, Atlassian launched a new product called Jira Ops to serve as an incident command center for response teams. Google is 1) making it easier to set up Android devices as company-owned, and 2) launching an alert center for G Suite in beta to provide a unified view of essential notifications for admins.
(Hmm, that sounds familiar...) Dropbox is introducing preview support for three new tools for Paper, and Trello announced new admin permissions for Enterprise customers.
Google Celebrates 10 Years of Chrome w/Birthday Edition Dino Game Easter Egg
Google has updated and themed the whimsical Offline Dino Game.

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