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3 years ago
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Weekly News Roundup

Former Success Academy Teacher Describes Why She Resigned In another damning bout of news for controversial New York charter network Success Academy, a recently resigned teacher described why she left,... 1227 The Highest Paid Teachers by Country A recent report from OECD has compiled the highest paid teachers in the world by country. While the U.S. doesn't lead the pack, it also doesn't... 1121 House Passes Every Student Succeeds Act The House of Representatives has voted to overhaul the long-expired Bush-era No Child Left Behind Act by voting to replace it with the Every Student... 1080 U.S. Researchers Developing Software to Replace Teachers in Developing Countries Researchers and volunteers from Carnegie Mellon University have joined in on the endeavor to improve learning on a global scale by working to design... 1064 K-12 Schools Driving 3D Printer Sales The increased use of 3D printers in K-12 classrooms has resulted in an expected doubling of sales for 2016, says the District Administration.... 994

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