Weekly News Roundup

3 years ago
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Weekly News Roundup

Michigan Sets Precedent By Testing for Concussions in Schools In October, we asked our readers if schools should continue to have football teams after six high school football players died during practice or... 1263 Clinton Discusses Intention to Close Schools Doing Less Than ‘Better-Than-Average’ Job During a campaign stop in Iowa, Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton said she would close underperforming schools if elected. "I... 742 Let us know your best teaching moment of 2015 Education World is excited to announce the launch of an exciting contest to get your creative juices flowing. Provide us with your best teaching... 464 Study Including Teachers of the Year Reveals Favorable Opinions on Common Core Assessments A study released from the National Network of State Teachers of the Year asked 23 teachers of the year from across the country to compare Common Core... 457

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