Welcome to the Tactile Reading conference

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Welcome to the Tactile Reading conference in Stockholm

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Tactile Reading - Braille and graphics for children and youth, Stockholm April 5-7, 2017Welcome to the Tactile Reading conferenceWelcome to the Tactile Reading conference in Stockholm 5-7 April – the most important international conference about braille and graphics for children and youths in 2017. The conference will bring together people working with children and youth with visual impairments and blindness, academics in various research areas, vendors and game changers. This will be a great learning experience and opportunity to exchange knowledge with more than 200 delegates.
The topics of the conference are:Development of tactual understandingTactile reading and the brainBraille and literacyTactile graphicsUniversal design and tactile readingRead more about our topics
We offer you more than 50 speakers, from various countries, who will present successful working methods and useful research results in the field of tactile reading. Here is a small selection of our speakers:
Cay Holbrook is Professor in the Faculty of Education and the co-founder of the “Getting in Touch with Literacy” conference.
Ans Withagen will explain how children with visual impairment use other senses then sight in order to get an “overview” of their environment. She will discuss the factors that affects the concept development of these children and how you can help them improve it.
Gun Olsson will present the Braille Bag, which is a pre-Braille-kit for new born children with severe visual impairment and their families. In this session you will learn about the importance of early literacy and get ideas for pre-Braille-kits that inspire to pre-Braille activities.
Luis González-García will talk about reading speed and comprehension of blind people compared to sighted people. He will present a research result that shows that reading speed of blind people is two-three times slower than that of the sighted people, but their reading comprehension in braille respectively ink is on the same level. 
Read more about our speakers
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Read about what the conference has to offer you on our website and stay updated - new speakers will be presented in the next few weeks!
We hope to see you in April!
The conference is arranged by the Swedish Agency for Accessible Media and the National Agency for Special Needs Education and Schools in Sweden. 
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Björn Westling Research & development,
the Swedish Agency for Accessible Media
Catarina Hägg Project manager, the National
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