West Africa: Word, Symbol, Song - exhibition now open

3 years ago

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Join us for an exhibition of literature and music
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Dear Voornaam,
We’re delighted to announce that our West Africa: Word, Symbol, Song exhibition is now open.
See beautiful manuscripts, historic film and sound recordings, books, photographs, and colourful textiles, offering a unique insight into a profound and engaging modern literary culture with a centuries-old written and oral heritage.
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Learn more about West Africa with our events programme. Visit our What's On page for details.
Brass box richly decorated with symbolic designs, courtesy of the Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford
More about West Africa: Word, Symbol, Song
Visit our new West Africa website to experience the region’s history, politics and literature through stories from its 17 nations. Gain insight into this vast area’s fascinating heritage through unique collection items and newly commissioned articles by leading experts.
Look forward to seeing you there.
Dr Marion Wallace & Dr Janet Topp Fargion
Curators, West Africa: Word, Symbol, Song
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