August 13, 2020
Dear Valued Reader,

This morning I got a bunch of questions about the new Motley Fool Extreme Opportunities: Trend-Spotter service just launched -- they're hinting at some big "genesis trends" that they're following, with stock picks for each, but they also drop some hints about two of their picks... so it's time to pull out the Thinkolator (and, perhaps, to also do some guessing) -- just click below to...

Spread across 5 distinct disciplines within the technology sector, we outline 27 tech stocks every investor should have on their watchlist. In addition, we’ve arranged immediate access for YOU that will reveal a 6G pioneer, that could be the most important tech company in the world.  Get the Details Here.


Jeff Brown has a new teaser pitch out for his Near Future Report that hints at the next big thing -- not 5G, but moving on to 6G.  He recommends what he says is the most powerful tech company in the world, but also says he's got an important "backdoor" way to play 6G... and a total of three or four "secret" stocks for us to look into.  Curious?  Just click below to...

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