Dear Do,

I did a call yesterday I wanted to let
you know about. The subject that's
so close to my heart - "Don't
Stop Believing" - was impacted
in a powerful way by something I saw
on my recent time in
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico...

the simple doors leading to
hidden, incredible and completely
unexpected inner spaces.
Some very powerful things came
through in talking
about those doors.

I also got some good questions
at the end - that's always the best,
from my point of view.

If you're interested and get the chance,
the recording is available to listen
to for another 24 hours for free.
To listen, just click here to register.

The telesummit is continuing
for another couple of weeks, and
the calls have really been amazing.

If you are trying to get a
business going doing what you
love, I really recommend these
speakers. Tons of value here.

Again - click this link for the registration



Scout Wilkins

Dream Weaver Results Technologies
610 North 1st, Suite 5 PMB 197
Hamilton, MT 59840

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