When you realize you gave in to the Dark Side

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Hey friend,
It’s probably no coincidence I saw the new Star Wars film a week after a life-altering personal retreat. I’ve always loved that franchise and this most recent contribution to the canon did not disappoint.
NOTE: No spoilers here. You’re safe to keep reading. :)
In preparation for it, I read up on the history of Star Wars and found myself relating to the worst things success can bring you — essentially, the fear of losing the thing you worked so hard to build.
Star Wars was great because it was a risky endeavor, constrained by its own limitations, and fueled by a movement of die-hard fans. And these are the very things its creator seems to have forgotten later.
But this is not a recrimination of George Lucas. It’s an indictment against myself.
On today’s post, you’ll read a little about how I was starting down a dark path and lost a bit of who I am this past year.
A book I read on the retreat and stopping to vulnerably answer a clarifying question is getting me back on track. You can read more about it and my three commitments for 2016 (and beyond) right here:
The Dark Side of Success and What I'm Changing in the New Year
When goal-setting steers you wrong
Last January, I set some goals I never would have thought of attempting just a few years before. By December, I had checked them all off my list and was left with as a sense of longing, as if my soul was saying, “Is this it?”
Maybe it wasn’t.
Nobody ever tells you that the hard part isn't accomplishing your goals. It's figuring out what you want to accomplish in the first place.
If you are reflecting on your own identity and what 2016 will look like, I suggest the following resources to help you:A Hidden Wholeness by Parker Palmer (truly life-changing!)
The Entrepreneurial Genius of Star Wars from Entrepreneur
On Designing the Life You Want to Live
Michael Hyatt's Free Video Series on Goal-setting
3 Ways to Reinvent Yourself from Fast Company
How to Build a Lasting Lifestyle Business Around Your Big Idea: Interview with Fizzle [Podcast]
Book Launch Blueprint by Tim Grahl (free for a limited time!)
I’m terrible at goal setting but still aspire to get better at it. This recent reflection was more about connecting to who I am. I would rather be myself and fail than play the role of someone else and get praise for being untrue to myself.
All the best,
P.S. Did you ever succeed or fail at something and it taught you something about yourself that you weren’t? I’d love to hear about it. Please feel free to drop a comment on today’s post.
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