Who's the Riskiest Insider? Tell Us in This 3-Min Survey

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What You Need To Know Today
Who's the Riskiest Insider? Tell Us in This 3-Min Survey
SurveyMonkey | Insider threats are a growing problem, especially as companies move to the cloud and SaaS adoption rises. To get a better understanding of the latest trends and challenges around insider threats, we put together this three-minute survey. (It's painless and simple, we promise.) Your feedback will provide insight into how the most forward-thinking IT and security professionals view and combat insider threats. To thank you for your time, you'll be entered to win a $50 Amazon gift card (we're giving away 20 of them!). We'll share the anonymized results as soon as we have them.
After 10 Years, Google Chrome Gets an Update: 8 Things to Try
PCMag | Chrome has looked pretty similar for a decade, but version 69, a 10th anniversary overhaul, is a significant update. Here are the most important new features.
How Insider Fraud Can Be Detected and Avoided in the Enterprise
SearchSecurity by TechTarget | Aaaaand speaking of insider threats... IT sabotage and insider threats can put an organization at great risk. Expert Peter Sullivan details preventative measures to take and employee training techniques.
Microsoft Sharpens Its Claws to Cut Outlook UI Excess, Snip Ribbon
The Register | Microsoft's incoming updates to Outlook on Windows and web aim to strip away the cruft that has built up in the interface over the years.
Tips & Tricks for the Digital Workplace
The Ultimate Google Calendar Guide: 90+ Tips to Supercharge Productivity
The Calendly Blog | Here's a master list of tips and tricks to become a Google Calendar pro.
Never Forget the Little Things with /Remind in Slack
Several People Are Typing | Slack’s reminders feature makes sure nothing slips through the cracks.
IT Leadership & Strategy
Facing Competing Objectives, CIOs Share Prioritization Strategies
CIO | According to Bernie Gracy, chief digital officer at Agero, “For a CIO, the challenge is balancing the tyranny of the now with the pressure of tomorrow.” Global IT leaders share the most effective ways to balance long-standing and innovative efforts. (One of the best tips in this article: the Eisenhower Matrix.)
Long Reads
Authentication Grows Up
Dark Reading | Here's a look at which forms of multi-factor authentication (MFA) are working, which are not, and where industry watchers think the market is headed.
What's New in G Suite - August 2018
G Suite Updates | Check out the latest "What's New in G Suite" launch recap (pdf) for a roundup of all G Suite launches from August 2018.
Add Dropbox Folders, Airtable, and Lucidchart to Dropbox Paper Docs
Dropbox Blog | Dropbox is introducing preview support for three new tools so you can better keep all the pieces you need in one place.
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