Will Venus in Scorpio show you your soul mate!

5 months ago

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Hi friend,
Did you feel the intense shift as Venus moved from congenial Libra into intense Scorpio a couple days ago? There’s nothing superficial about your romantic intentions now; it’s all or nothing when Scorpio gets involved, no matter your sign.
The darker side of Scorpio’s intensity can be extreme jealousy, insecurity, and resentment, but these qualities usually come out when you’re with the wrong person. Venus in Scorpio is nothing but determined, so you may try to work things out even when you know deep down it’s not meant to be.
So, if Venus in Scorpio has you wondering ‘are we soul mates?’ then a Soul Mate Tarot Reading has the answers you’re looking for. The person you’re searching for might already be in your life or live a thousand miles away, but either way, a Soul Mate Tarot reading gives you the reassurance that they’re out there. How close are you to connecting? Get your reading to find out!

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