Will your relationship last?

5 months ago

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Hi friend,
Of course we are aware of how hard it is to find an at least somewhat serious relationship nowadays, and even if people do, most of the romances end after a mere few weeks. No matter if you're using an online dating site or other platforms, finding a compatible partner is never an easy road to trod.
Even if you find someone to love you can't help but wonder if they are really the one, and if you haven’t found anyone yet, your high expectations can hinder the search.
What are the key factors that count?
- Are you two on the same page about the basic things in life?
- Are they willing to protect you? Both in taking care of you and in standing up for you in front of others.
- Do you share everything with the other one? Not necessarily material things, but more like thoughts, feelings, desires?
- Do you both find the same things meaningful in life?
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